Thursday, July 2, 2015

Anatomy of A Blobsquatch - Updated

Ever wonder why it is so difficult to get a clear picture of a Bigfoot? Ever complain "that's just another blobsquatch, nothing there.."? I explore how even a 1080p High Definition Camera can turn a person or a Bigfoot into a "blobsquatch". Many armchair/basement living critics are quick to dismiss pictures and videos due to ignorance and cognitive dissonance. In this video I demonstrate how common this "bloblsquatch" phenomenon is and why the camera creates it.



  1. Thanks Scott. And to your helper. This shows once again why I think
    binoculars are so important when researching in the woods. Relying
    solely on cameras can be disappointing at times. Years ago I learned
    this when researching the black panther. Trying to use a high-end
    35mm camera with auto-focus. Technology sometimes is better left
    at the trail head. Luck still plays a bigger part than we care to admit.

  2. Great video as always, Scott. I enjoy following your research! I wonder how a camera like this would perform - 83x! Probably a few less blobsquatches with it.