Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Possible Bigfoot in National Park - July 2015

July 11th 2015 my wife and I ventured into the National Park for a hike. While resting I see possible movement. I zoom the video camera into the area and capture a possible Bigfoot peering back at us from thick foliage. This Bigfoot was in the same area where I captured verified vocalizations.


  1. Thanks again Scott. Taking note of the foliage, have you ever noticed
    a particular plant that may be a food source for the bigfoot in your
    area of research.

  2. You must have a really good camera to capture his eyeball like that. Thanks for being so thorough it really helped me see him. Thanks for sharing you do good work!

  3. Hi Scott, do you see anything in the lower left corner of this video at 0:39? I thought I saw something crouching in the foliage there.