Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bigfoot at Dusk

I was leaving the National Park at dusk on May 17th, 2015, when I captured just a few frames of a possible Bigfoot on my back trail camera. The Bigfoot was just yards off the main trail but very well concealed. The location of this film capture is only about 300 feet from the main parking lot for this trail head. The low light causes the still captures to be grainy and not as clear as they would be in better lighting conditions.

I also went back to prior videos of this same area to show that the subject did not consist of "leaves and shadows". There is nothing in this location that could make or resembles a Bigfoot.

Still captures from the video:


  1. He has got a human lookin face, but still Bigfoots lookin too ! Good catch !

  2. Kinda makes ya wonder what else is hiding in the dark.

  3. Great job as always Scott! Thank u for ur efforts and for sharing.

  4. Liking that a lot thanks for sharing