Monday, June 1, 2015

Bigfoot - Maybe?????

This previously unpublished video taken from my back trail camera. This was captured in 2012 at the National Park location. I debated on publishing the video due to how well the Bigfoot blended into the background. The Bigfoot naturally has a built in Gillie suit with black or grey skin tone and covered in brown, black, or grey hair. If the Bigfoot remains completely still it is almost impossible to locate with the naked eye or a camera. 



  1. Looks kinda doglike with a lil grey behind it...again! Bizzare

  2. I think I can see slow movement over the course of the video, really great capture very very nice Scott, thank u again very much man!

  3. Looks like maybe a smaller one behind and to it's right. They sure are ugly things with that big ol' nose! A face only a mother could love. Lol!

  4. To refer back to the cloaking or stealth ability, one has to ask, why is
    bigfoot seemingly content to remain partly hidden if he ( or she ) is
    able to detect electronic devices? Is this an age and/or sex ability?
    Say, unique to only adult males.