Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sasquatch – The Inconvenient Truth

I was reminded after posting my video “Bigfoot in Stealth Mode” that some people still have a hard time accepting the truth if it falls outside their world paradigm. Though the vast majority of responses were extremely positive I still received the predictable comments “you need to be on medication”, “it is just your imagination and wishful thinking”, and my favorite “Posting crap like this makes it difficult on real Bigfoot researchers to be taken seriously”.

I vowed when I started this research that I would not withhold anything. If I experienced it or I captured it on video I would share it. So many “main stream” Bigfoot researchers withhold information because they do not want the general public or others in the research community to think they are “kooks” or “nut jobs”. Any serious researcher that has been at this for more than a year or so has encountered these “inconvenient truths” about the Bigfoot. If they claim no knowledge of these “odd” occurrences, then in my opinion, they are not telling the truth. 

So many think that this subject is straight forward, that Bigfoot is a bi-pedal ape or a human hybrid. Many think that the creature is flesh and blood with no unexplainable abilities. It is just very “elusive” because of generations of conditioning to stay hidden and away from mankind. To the contrary, this has not been my experience. In fact I have found just the opposite. Below is a list of events that I have personally experienced/recorded on video, events that have been reported directly to me by the witness, or events that have been reported to me by my trusted associates. The sources are anonymous for obvious reasons. If the incident is something I have experienced then there will be accompanying pictures. Be warned this is the TRUTH, it may be impossible for some to accept, but refusing to believe does not change the truth.

A Bigfoot that is invisible to the naked eye is following a researcher. The back trail camera records an odd distortion that looks similar to the distortion made famous in the “Predator” movies. There is no wind but the camera records a large branch being moved. The outline of the distortion looks similar to the outline of a large Sasquatch.


 A researcher that lives in a habitation site wakes up in the morning to find a single depression of a seventeen inch foot print made inside their house on a grass floor mat. The door is shut and locked and there were no other footprints in the house.

A person takes their grandchild to an area approximately sixty miles from their home. They encounter a Bigfoot that scares the grandchild by its presence. The next week they wake to find large hand prints on the windows of their home and possible Bigfoot hair in the shrubbery. The area they live is flat farm country. The nearest water shed is several miles away. Their home is in a small community with homes on both sides. 

A researcher at a habitation site finds a raised frozen triangle formed from standing water in a bucket beside the home during the winter. The triangle was a perfect right triangle, the sides were approximately a quarter inch thick, and rose from the surface of the frozen water approximately three inches. A few days later after a thaw and refreeze the researcher finds a frozen cylinder in the same bucket. It measured approximately a half inch in diameter and was six inches long.

Two researchers go to a camp ground where there is reported heavy Bigfoot activity. They place food items on the table and audio recorders in strategic locations. They become inexplicably very tired around 10 PM that evening. They both notice it and then enter their tents for the evening. They both sleep through the night as if they are “drugged”, the sleep is described as deep and dreamless with no awareness. In the morning they awake to find the large footprints all over the camp and beside their tents. The food on the table appears to have been “sampled” with a little from each taken. The audio contains the sounds of the footfalls and of the food being chewed. Neither researcher heard anything, and described the sleep like “being incapacitated by a drug”. 

A researcher finds both complete and partial footprints in their back yard. The home of the researcher is over thirty miles from the nearest research area. The researcher has a fenced in back yard with dogs. The researcher lives in a small town with homes on both sides and behind. 

A researcher and companion are hiking in a national park. On the way out the trail they decide to leave a gift of apples on a nearby boulder out of site of the trail. When they return approximately two hours later they find a large tree branch stuck several inches into the hard compacted trail. The tree branch is approximately three inches in diameter and nine feet long. The branch is tripped of both limbs and bark. The apples have not been taken.

A researcher is on the back deck late in the evening when a presence is felt but nothing can be seen with the naked eye. The research takes out an iPhone and begins snapping pictures with no flash in a circle. The pictures are immediately reviewed to reveal at least three circular pie plate sized orbs flying around the researcher.

 Two families are camping in a national park campground. The husbands go to the nearby bath house and on the return to their camping spot see what appears to be a person just off the road in the woods smoking a cigarette. They continue to get closer and realize it is not the single red glow of cigarette but two glowing red objects approximately ten feet off the ground, the size of golf balls, in the woods beside the road. While they are both trying to figure out what they are looking at, they see these objects blink in and out and realize these are the eyes of something blinking! When the men attempt to get closer the “eyes” disappear into the woods.

Two researchers are walking out of the woods on a dirt road side by side. One researcher is purposely saying derogatory comments in a deliberate attempt of illicit a response from any Sasquatch that might be listening. The researcher on the right of the trail feels a sharp intense electric like shock go through his body. The shock started in the right arm, going through the chest, and out the left shoulder. The researcher struggled to remain on his feet. The second researcher hears a “whooshing sound” at the same moment. The next day both researchers report passing blood in their urine.

A researcher is retrieving SD cards from a camera alone in a research location. The researcher hears and feels the presence of something coming toward the location. Though the researcher can see nothing something making loud heavy foot falls and it passes so close that the disturbance in the air can be felt by the researcher and the researcher feels a slight “brushing against” sensation. Again there is nothing visible to the naked eye.  The researcher is so disturbed by the incident that they flee the woods.

A person contacts a researcher asking for help with a Sasquatch problem. The person lives in a remote location alone in a small camper. On repeated occasions the Sasquatch approach the camper making loud vocalizations and rocking the camper. The researcher suggests the person place trail cameras and motion sensor lights around the camper. This does not dissuade the Sasquatch. It disables the cameras and continues to harass. As a last resort, the researcher advises the person to put religious crosses on the outside of the camper and read the Bible out loud. When this is done the Sasquatch stop their harassment of the person.

A person is sitting the woods enjoying a warm day. They have been sitting quietly for over an hour when this person notices movement approximately fifty feet in front of them. They see a large Sasquatch step between two trees. The Sasquatch then paused for a moment then stepped between another set of trees. The person watches the Sasquatch do this across their field of view from left to right.  When the large Sasquatch is almost directly in front of the person, there is more movement to the left. It is three more Sasquatches, what appears to be a slightly smaller female and two infants that are following the same path as the largest one. They slowly and cautiously make their way in front of this person and out of site. What is even stranger than the encounter itself is the fact that this person reported that all four Sasquatch would go invisible for a few moments then reappear. They witness described them as “fading in and out” as they walked in by.

A researcher is deep in the wilderness at a Bigfoot feeding station. The researcher has a video camera and has the camera pointed at his face. The researcher is describing a stick structure when behind the researcher, over his left shoulder, a gray colored entity with large black eyes looks around a tree at the researcher. The researcher is unaware of the gray entity until the footage is reviewed a few days later.
A researcher places a trail camera to monitor activity at a feeding station. The camera is tripped and photographs are taken of a gray looking entity. The entities body is hidden and it is only leaning out to look at the camera with one eye.

A researcher is walking down a remote dirt road after a snow fall when a track way of seventeen inch foot prints is discovered in the snow. The stride between each foot print is six feet. The prints are extremely clear showing heal and toe detail. The researcher back tracks the track way first to investigate where the subject came from. The tracks enter a heavily wooded area consisting of pine trees. The ground does not contain much snow under the canopy of the pine trees and the trail is lost just inside the tree line. The researcher then follows the track way in the direction the subject was walking. The signs are looking promising because the track way crosses the road and then proceeds across an open field. In approximately the center of the field the track way vanishes! No sign that the subject back tracked in its own tracks because the prints are clear and defined. The tracks just inexplicably stop in the center of the open field. 

A researcher has arrived at a research location. The researcher puts on his equipment and is standing a few feet away from his truck. The researcher is using a back trail camera that is on his shoulder filming behind him. The camera has been turned on and is recording as the researcher finishes preparing his equipment. The researcher has their back turned to the truck and the back trail camera is recording and pointing at the truck. In the side window of the truck is a reflection of a Bigfoot. The camera records several seconds of this reflection as the Bigfoot moves slightly and changes facial expressions. Yet to the naked eye there is no Bigfoot visible. The researcher is unaware of anything being near him. When the researcher walked away from the truck the camera recorded nothing beside the truck that could make this reflection. The wood line is more than twenty feet from the truck, too far away from the truck for anything to hide and cast a reflection in the truck window.


A researcher is on a camping trip and takes a walk with their dog on walking trails adjacent to the camp ground. The sun is beginning to set when the researcher notices a dark figure running between the trees approximately two hundred feet away back in the woods. The dark figure squats down beside a tree in heavy vegetation. The researcher has been experimenting with different methods of communicating with the Sasquatch. He turns on his video camera, faces the Sasquatch, and using sign language signs out the following “hello, who are you?”. The researcher is surprised and shocked when a loud, deep voice booms out one word “Jerrahoe”. The dog with the researcher immediately reacts in great fear and begins whining and pulling on the leash. The research manages to take some video of the odd looking Sasquatch that responded to sign language before leaving the woods due to the lack of light.

A researcher is camping in their research area. After night fall the researcher notices “eye shine” from several individuals back into the wood line. There are at least three pairs of “eyes”, seven or more feet off the ground. There researcher is using no electronics and the “eyes” can be observed without any artificial light. The “eyes” are red to white in color and occasionally blink. Suddenly, in the sky, large white lights appear. The researcher describes them as “UFO like”. There are three “UFOs” in the sky over the wood line where the eye shine has been observed. When the “UFOs” appear the eye shine goes away. The “UFOs” begin to fly low over the wood line as if “searching for something”. After approximately ten minutes the “UFOs” fly away and it becomes completely dark again. Minutes after the “UFOs” leave the area the “eye shine” re-appears in the wood line for approximately ten minutes. Then one by one the “eyes” disappear into the darkness of the woods.

These reports I have mentioned only scratch the surface of what is actually going on in the field and not reported. We receive dozens of reports each year from extremely credible witnesses that describe orbs, cloaking, unknown cryptids, Bigfoot and UFO sighted together, etc.I would love it if the creature we know as Sasquatch was nothing more than a human hybrid. Unfortunately the evidence shows something extremely different.

A researcher is in the field concentrating on an area of past Sasquatch sightings. The researcher has a camera mounted on his shoulder that is recording the back trail. The trail is narrow and the foliage is thick. The researcher turns slightly to his right and the back trail camera records a few seconds of two strange and odd creatures. One creature is known is a “Dogman” in Cryptid circles. The second creature, that was clinging to the side of the “Dogman”, is a still unidentified entity that resembles a “gray alien” like creature made popular in the UFO community.

The related phenomenon’s that accompany Sasquatch research are at times bizarre and baffling, but that should not stop the information from being made public. I think we lose credibility when you withhold information and purposely distort what is really going on. Some in the “mainstream” obviously disagree and call those of us the report all the facts as “kooks”, “loons” and “fringe”. These mainstream people have both private and professional agendas. Many have their financial livelihood at risk, so keeping what is considered “taboo” quiet is a must to maintain reputations and a positive revenue flow. I sympathize with their position, but urge them to be intellectually honest. If they feel like they can’t divulge the complete truth about the Sasquatch phenomenon, at least adopt a “live and let live” attitude and stop denying, demeaning, destroying, and dismissing those of us who choose to tell the inconvenient truth about the Sasquatch. 

To those in the “Bigfoot Research Community” that refuse to consider, discuss, or even listen to the possibility that the Sasquatch has abilities that we do not understand or can be explained, I urge you to open your minds to all possibilities. Follow the evidence where ever it leads. Do not ignore or refuse to follow evidence that would lead you to uncomfortable conclusions or cause you to question your preconceived notions. A “true researcher” will follow the evidence regardless, even if it is an inconvenient truth.



  1. Awesome as usual, thanks Scott ur a breath of fresh air.

  2. Great stories Scott ! Love reading these recounts ...very interesting with some unusual similarities. Good luck in future ! 😊

  3. Scott, I have been a reader of your site for some time and have never commented until now. I’m glad I waited.

    I live across the border from you about 30 miles or so SSE as the crow flies. About a year ago I began putting 2 and 2 together and realized those anomalous noises, smells and vocalizations I had been experiencing around my home for nearly 20 years all must share a common source. I began doing some research, mostly online and began to build a profile that was pointing in the direction of Sasquatch/Bigfoot from what others had shared. An older local gentleman from my community here also shared with me his experiences and sightings along with those from a few people he knew who would talk about such things, which also of course helped steer my thoughts toward Bigfoot being the source of “mischief” here. Still, a year later, I have seen (in so far as I will confidently state) nothing.

    What can I say is, the truth is the truth, but in our current society and not just in this community I find mostly people who prefer the comfort of a lie rather than have their worldview or agenda challenged and accept the truth. In my mind this represents a dangerous paradigm that must be addressed if we are to survive. I am reminded of the quote from Dr. Cornel West: "There is a price to pay for speaking the truth. There is a bigger price for living a lie."

    As I say, this goes far beyond Bigfoot unfortunately. Maybe that’s what the Bigfoot are here for, to challenge perspectives; who knows? Fortunately for me I had enough experience sussing out on-line content that it soon became apparent who in this community was sincere and others who were at least, shall we say, less than. To that end I say: Congratulations for having the “cajones” to speak and write your truth as you see fit! We should all strive to do so in all endeavors, even when principle costs us in terms of popularity, which will always be the case.

    I will close by addressing those who say “Posting crap like this makes it difficult on real Bigfoot researchers to be taken seriously.” as well as those skeptics and so-called scientists who refuse to open their minds to a possible truth, albeit perhaps an uncomfortable one (and believe me, there are many). It is you who are doing harm, perhaps more than you know by putting people who encounter things like this phenomenon in peril by withholding critical information in the form of empirical evidence you refuse to consider, let alone write about or research. I know, I could have been that person!

    Thanks Scott and have a good one, I’ll leave another favorite and relevant quote for those who will to ponder:

    "Truth has to be repeated constantly, because Error also is being preached all the time, and not just by a few, but by the multitude. In the Press and Encyclopaedias, in Schools and Universities, everywhere Error holds sway, feeling happy and comfortable in the knowledge of having Majority on its side."
    - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  4. Kudos Scott, this has to be a very important post. I bet when you first started your quest you thought (like me and many others) that this would be a search akin to the discovery of the gorilla or the panda, but as it turns out, this is a whole different kettle of fish altogether. The fact that you and Bob Garrett are able to capture on video the same phenomenon (the ‘Predator’ effect) many hundreds of miles away should give any skeptic food for thought.

    In addition to your list, I would like to add Thom Powell’s fine blog, , especially his posts from 2011 that convinced him that there’s more to this phenomenon than meets the eye, and Les Stroud’s Season 6, Episode 3, of his Bigfoot quest where he ‘dreams’ of a Bigfoot sitting on top of him and not letting him move. As you watch these episodes, it’s pretty obvious that even Les is starting to think that there’s more to this than just the search for an elusive creature. And the works of Jacques Vallee and John Keel will, perhaps, give us an answer to this mystery.

  5. Scott, Thanks for your countless hours of research, and especially thanks for telling it like you see it. I'm not a researcher, but I've read and watched everything I could find on this phenomena since I was a kid and my sister took me to see the debut of the Patterson film. About two years ago, I started to come around to seeing Bigfoot as something more than an elusive wild man. Much more.
    Thanks for bringing to light what your research has revealed to you. It takes courage to speak out, in the face of ridicule. I, for one, am in your corner.

  6. Excellent Blog, Scott. Your blogs always are very interesting and I do not want to throw crap at you but I just read an article about long hair. Which kinda goes with your article above about Sasquatch's abilities that we can't explain. Could it be, he is a "Hairy Man" as the attached article talks about in the last paragraphs of the article.

  7. Is there a camera out there that takes pictures of energy?

  8. When the bigfoot in stealth mode was following you could you smell it?

  9. Scott, awesome post and I can say first hand things get weirder the more I travel down this path. I'm sure you don't mind me saying that I was the second person in the account where you wrote of the two people walking down the trail and felt a "woosh" blow past as the first person felt an electrical charge. I wanted to say (and this is even weirder) that I didn't actually have blood in my urine, but what happened is a few days after the incident I had a dream that I had blood in my urine. Later that day the first person told me that after the incident he had actually had blood in his urine for several days. That's when I told him I had just dreamed about that the night before!
    Also, not long ago I was in the national park at night. While scanning the tree line I saw what appeared to be someone coming through the woods with a flashlight. It "walked" through the woods for several yards then went out. Several yards away (in the same direction it was traveling) it came back on then went out again. I thought it was a person coming toward me that kept turning on their flashlight periodically to see. A moment later just when I expected to see a person walk out of the woods, what looked like a small bright orange flame appeared at the tree line. It would move in and out from behind a tree like it was trying to be sneaky and watch me. After a couple minutes it went out and nothing else happened after that. I never heard anything nor saw any lights leave. I was slightly weirded out by that one!