Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The White "Anomaly" More High Strangeness

This video shows another unknown “anomaly” captured via my back trail camera. The subject is white in color and very odd looking. Is there two entities or just one? I have done exhaustive follow-up in this area and have found no evidence of what could have caused this anomaly. This video was captured in March of 2012 near a feeding station and I have traveled this trail dozens of times. During the video the camera is able to focus on the object when I stop moving my shoulders. It appears as if there is a flat headed subject with a large nose, and deep set eyes. There also appears to be another indistinct subject in front blocking part of the face of first subject. 

Here is where things get strange. As I was working with the clearer subject and attempting to do a sketch, I noticed how similar it looked to the statues found on Easter Island. When I pulled up some photographs of the statues the similarity was amazing! Is this just a coincidence? Is this an entity that the natives on the island were aware of and memorialized in giant statue form? The questions boggle the mind. 

 I have no clue what this is other than I know it was white in color and it was there that one day. I could find no tracks, broken vegetation, or other sign that anything had been in that extremely thick vegetation that day. This is yet another instance of “high strangeness” in my public land research area.

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