Thursday, July 31, 2014

Analysis - Video "Bigfoot Sighting near Sundance Utah" posted by AnythingWhatever - Real or Hoax?

Still Capture from the Video
This video is intriguing. At first glance I thought man in a suit, but after taking the time to look into it I thought to myself not so fast. What makes this video interesting is the follow-up done by the people who posted the video. Once you look at the shear mass of the "subject" compared to the normal person it makes you think this could be real. 

The resolution of course is poor and not many details of the face or body can be gleaned from the video which is the hallmark of a hoax. But if this is a hoax it is a good one because of the size and mass of the subject. 

I have completed some enhancing of the video and pulled a few still captures from the video. You can see some facial features after applying a deblurring filter. The question is are we looking at a mask or the face of a real Sasquatch? I am leaning heavily toward the conclusion this is the real deal, but with the sophistication of the hoaxers recently it is difficult to come to a conclusion so I will let  you decide real or  hoax?

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  1. Too blurry for my old eyes. So I can't say yes or no. But just like the
    photo posted by Richard Hucklebridge on the NABS website it does
    bring up some interesting possibilities.