Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Creature Under the Log

Back in August of 2011 I was exploring the National Park with my friend David Paulides. Something caught our attention on a hillside across the way. As we are looking for movement something black catches my eye to our right. I see it duck down under a blow down very quickly then begin rocking back and forth. 

I attempted to zoom in but was only able to capture what appears to be the right side of the "creatures" face. We went to investigate the area but the subject was long gone by the time we traversed the thick under growth. What was it? Bigfoot? Something else?


  1. Wow! That's some good camera to be able to pull the eyeball out of that picture! Nice work as always.

  2. Reminds me of the type of terrain where I heard what I call the
    " conversation ". As in your case I neither heard the creatures leave
    the area nor saw them. Any movement in such an area would be
    heard by the snapping of dry twigs and leaves crunching. In such an
    area a small squirrel makes as much noise as an elephant.

  3. Ok Scott, I can see its right eye and the bridge of its nose, on the first pass by the large tree trunk, and then you swing past the large tree and back again; where I then can see its left eye and the bridge of its nose. So, it surely does look like that you have a critter in there, but for the life of me I find it very difficult as to how one could have seen something like this and so far away? Great photography on your part for something so insignificant like what you were trying to get on that video. You have to have eyes like a hawk to see what you were seeing!

  4. I was wondering if you knew a David Paulides, who investigates occurrences of people, who go missing from inside or near our national forests and parks. I have listened to several of David's interviews, with radio program personalities, on YouTube. Now, I can combine both of your findings for better insight on the Bigfoot peoples. Thank you for your diligence investigating and recording of information you have compiled on this subject.