Friday, July 18, 2014

Bigfoot In The Brush - Back Trail Footage Still Captures from 2011

Sketch based on actual still capture
As I continue to review the hundreds of hours of video I have taken since 2009 I continue to find these "little nuggets" of interesting "things" watch me. The following are still captures from what I call my "back trail" camera. I mount a video camera on my shoulder then film behind me the entire time I am in the field. Once I return home I then review the video for anything that may have been following or watching me from behind. In this February 2011 video I found one of those "nuggets". The subject is only visible for a few seconds as I an walking away from its hiding spot in a brush pile.

The series of still captures below show the possible Sasquatch hiding in a brush pile.



  1. neat out of the box thinking. Love the idea.

  2. Do you use facial recognition software in analyzing your videos?

  3. Awesome Scott! I love your research methods, the back trail camera is one of the best things I've heard of.

  4. I have followed your posts for a few years now. I totally enjoy reading your journal and watching your video's. Have noticed you haven't posted much lately and I guess I'm just hoping your healthy and doing well. Take Care Scott and be safe out there.