Friday, November 1, 2013

Bigfoot Research - October 2013 Update

This is my research update for the month of October 2013. I find some changes made to a stick structure I built. I also explain the "trail marker" system the Bigfoot use in my research area.


  1. While the concept of trail markers may be valid, a couple other ideas
    have struck me. 1) Boredom. We are dealing with an intellegent being
    that may find his enviroment less than stimulating at times. We can
    see this with most creatures. 2) Perhaps the human element within
    bigfoot creates a desire to build. Does he ( or She ) sit back and
    wonder what is that force driving the desire to arrange building materials in a pattern.

  2. The fact that the "star" design is repeated in regions not even remotely close to each other suggests that there is some meaning to it. Sure wish we knew what that "meaning" is...

  3. Strange indeed. I'm no semiotics expert but could it be there are several symbols being represented? I see several. The Y trail markers are very interesting. Of course we all know of the "Indian marker trees". I've seen several in my area. Being that Sasquatch is of a "lost tribe", it would seem fitting they use types of markers. X being a very ancient symbol. You have sparked my interest in these symbols. I've seen a symbol similar. It is an X with a line across it...I just can't remember where I seen it. Thanks for sharing, Scott.

    1. It reminds me of the Vitruvian Man created by Leonardo da Vinci.

  4. Scott, have you ever plotted the various kinds of "markers" on a map, to see if they form any kind of pattern, or patterns?

    p.s. I put "markers" in quotation marks because we have to call them something, even though no one really knows what they are, yet.