Monday, November 4, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Lone Footprint Discovered in National Park

On an outing over the weekend (October 3rd, 2013) I discovered a 13" footprint on the edge of a mud hole. I video blog on my thoughts of why Bigfoot leave lone footprints from time to time.


  1. Any word on the cross formations you made?

  2. Interesting concept. Really good footprint. Love the fall colors I see in your video too!

  3. Years ago while turkey hunting and trying to locate a waterhole,
    my buddy and I found a left footprint. The waterhole was dried up and
    had very little mud. The print was in an area surrounded by mud and
    should have showed at least a right and one more left. Nope. If bigfoot
    can cloak itself to the point of being invisible, do the footprints remain
    behind? Are the single prints the result of the transformation during

    1. I recall Ron Morehead relating at a conference that he once found a trackline of 26" prints with a left heel to left heel stride of 13'. I think they were in pine duff or some such material. They ended abruptly in an area where it was impossible to continue without leaving additional tracks. Was it cloaking? I think that cloaking from the visible spectrum would not negate the mass of such a huge entity. Did he levitate? Can he fly? Was there a portal to another dimension? Did Scotty beam him up? All I know is that the more testimonies that I hear, the more it seems like we are in Narnia or Middle Earth.

    2. When we go down the list of abilities attributed to bigfoot,
      it becomes a question of not just Narnia or Middle Earth,
      but a possibilty of places we don't have names for. Like the
      movie Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls mentioned
      " The Space Between Spaces ". I believe that bigfoot is
      real, it is flesh and blood, it does have families, it does have a language, and many other characteristics, but I
      also think that we are either overlooking or have not yet
      discovered where in fact their mother land is. And I don't
      think it's Cleveland.

  4. In your case I would guess that the print was left specificly for you. You seem to be special to them. They appeared to you at an early age. They appeared as two juveniles. Two let you know more than one existed. If a single adult male had been the visitor, you might have been traumatized into believing they are monsters. They visit your home and leave you gifts to encourage you to continue your efforts. I don't understand why they haven't yet allowed you to make closer contact, but I think it is coming.

  5. Had a strange experience at the house last night that may put some credibility (at least in my mind) toward your stealth/cloaking theory. Over the past few weeks we have been having more frequent activity around our home. This past week it has seemed to really pick up even more possibly due to my mother being here from out of town visiting.
    I’m putting together a video/blog-post on this encounter, but for now just to make a long story short…
    While sitting out on my porch in complete darkness I heard what sounded like unmistakably bipedal footsteps along the tree line in front of my home. After a few minutes they began to come closer to the house and sounded like they were actually out in the open within 20 feet of me. Logic tells me I should have been able to see at least a shadow or silhouette as they were so close out in the open, but I saw nothing. I tried my best to see some sort of movement, but only heard the footsteps. It was almost like they were invisible. I’m really starting to believe there is something to the cloaking idea.

  6. I must say I too have given more thought to their ability to "cloak"...First ever encounters in my life just recently gave indication that they can be right in front of you and you don't even know it...On one of the occasions while hiking, alone, as I do, I was met with the sound of the "blow" that is similar to the deer. Scott best describes it as an "hymmmph"..It was right in front of me. There were no deer in sight. I heard no scampering. If a deer, it couldn't climb the straight up cliff to my right nor did it splash through the creek to my left. When I continued a few feet, I sat down on a rock to do my studies. I began to hear aggressive tree knocks then when I ignored it, it began to stomp. My thought, which isn't on the same level as the much more experienced, is that their ability to perform such an undertaking must drain their energy source. Could it be they become agitated at having to stay in that "state" due to our presence? Thus, smacking the heck out of tree, whooping or stomping to get us out of there?

    Not to make light on a very serious subject, in my opinion, but best said Elly Mae Clampett style, "them critters best be learnin' howins' to share the forest!"....

  7. Thanks for sharing this Scott. This is one area where I can say that I'm 99.9% sure I can say has happened to me,lol. A few months back,I found a single,large,and well defined footprint in a flower bed,directly in front of the bathroom/bedroom window. It's the one I sent you the pictures of. There were a couple different places to put the other foot,however,ther was also three or four places the suspect could have stood,or leaned with both feet,as so to not leave footprints. That's why I never got to excited about it because I always had that little bit of concern,thinking it may been someone goofing off,or playing a well meaning joke. After all this time,and I've drilled everyone that ever comes out to my house,I'm pretty certain it was a Sasquatch,,or being this close to Ohio,a roaming Grassman,LOL.
    As mentioned,about the cloaking,I think I've had this happen a couple times,and didn't know what was going on. Twice in last three months,I've been out on the porch,or out in research mode,and I've heard something ruining,thro the field behind my house,and once,a week ago,when I was walking inside about 430am,I heard gravel,as in some gravel in the driveway crunching like something was walking. Our neighbors have a bright dust to dawn light,and I could see nothing whatsoever.
    Latley There has been a huge increase in UFO/unknown craft activity,and Jess,a family friend and myself have seen two different color orbs on two different nights in the last two weeks. I'm going to attempt filming them,and see what else develops.

  8. Robbie, funny how the terms UFO and bigfoot and orbs and unknown
    all seem to get used in the same conversation. Kinda like making a
    salad. Everything gets thrown together with no one realizing that we
    have a finished product sitting in front of us. But please no blue cheese dressing.