Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How Much Evidence Is Enough???

When I first began this odyssey called Bigfoot Research one of the goals was simple, get HD footage of a Bigfoot and share my findings. I was frustrated by researchers announcing they had “ground breaking footage” but then never releasing it to the public. There was always an excuse from legal battles with land owners to waiting until the DNA Study was published. So I made the pledge to myself that if I filmed it I would post it. I too got caught up in holding a couple clips because of the DNA Study, but since its release everything about my research is out there. When I contemplate the amount of data that is now public it amazes me how many, especially in the so called “Bigfoot Community”, demand more “proof”. I have often asked myself, “how much is enough”?

They wanted pictures/videos and when I went out and figured how to capture them on video and posted the video/pictures.

They wanted physical evidence and I went out and collected hair, finger prints, and footprints.

They wanted audio and I captured vocalizations that were verified by experts.

In the end they demanded “hard scientific proof” so I participated in the Ketchum DNA Study and sent in multiple samples to the study.

 The Bigfoot Community became deeply emotionally invested in the outcome of the DNA Study. This was what they had been waiting on for fifty years, a study that would “prove” scientifically Bigfoot existed. Unfortunately the community is severely fragmented into factions. Each faction had their own theories on what a Bigfoot is. You could divide the community into two distinct groups those who believed Bigfoot was some sort of human and those who believed Bigfoot was a Bipedal Ape. The Bipedal Ape faction made up a majority of the community with many scientist and big names in the community personally and professionally invested in Bigfoot being an Ape. As time passed the community grew impatient for results due to ignorance of how the scientific process worked. Then in their displeasure with what the community perceived as a lack of progress they systematically began to destroy what they wanted most, the DNA Study and the scientific proof Bigfoot existed. 

Greed, narcissism, professional pride, scientific bias, fear of change, in fighting, rumor mongering, etc. overtook so many in the community that a strange “feeding frenzy” began concerning the study. It quickly became fashionable to dig up anything you could on Dr. Ketchum and the DNA Study team. Anything and everything was reported via the blogs. 

Rumors, lies, misinformation, leaked information, third party opinions, it was all put out there and eerily celebrated by most in the Bigfoot Community. They eagerly lapped it all up and with an unethical leak of the first peer review from a Journal Nature referee there was now “blood in the water”. The feeding frenzy began. The community willingly accepted what the blogs were posting no matter how outrages or unsubstantiated the claim. Much like the old propaganda tactic if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough then the people will eventually believe it.

 Now the community hopes were dashed, many took it so personally they developed an irrational hatred of Dr. Ketchum and believed the rumors and lies. In their minds the study was a complete hoax and farce. When the study was finally published no one even bothered reading it, they already made up their minds, they had bought the garbage they were fed by the bloggers and the critics.

 The critics repeated the buzz words over and over “hoax”, “flawed processes”, “no supporting data”, and “human contamination”.  Nothing would change their minds. They refused read the study or to accept the mountains of scientific documentation. Many could not accept the conclusion of the DNA study that Bigfoot was a human hybrid, this was just too unsettling, it had to be “Bipedal Ape”. The vast majority did not understand the science so shrewd scientist and unscrupulous bloggers seized on this to confuse and misinterpret the DNA results. The Bigfoot Community was more than happy to accept and believe anything and everything the critics claimed about the DNA Study without question. 

The Bigfoot community had what they most wanted scientific proof in a five year half a million dollar study with over 100 samples, 3 complete genomes, and solid scientific documentation to back it all up, but the vast majority refused to accept the truth and instead embraced the misinformation and the lies. Some have been deceived, some confused, and many willing participants in the destruction of Dr. Ketchum and the DNA study. Many lashing out with a visceral hatred for Dr. Ketchum and the few remaining supporters of the DNA Study that borders on psychotic, irrationally acting as if they were purposefully and personally harmed by Dr. Ketchum.  "You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink".

So now I ask again, how much evidence is enough? I fear for many only the blood of the innocent will suffice, a body on a slab, a Bigfoot specimen, a murder of a fellow human being, this is the only thing that will satisfy their “appetite for the truth”.


  1. lf there was an appetite was for the truth, we would not have this rift in the "communiity." And we would not be bickering over proof or standards of proof.

    The standard of proof here should be the same as for any other new creature, but that is not the case. This extraordinary claims bullshit is the opposite of objective or scientific.

    A type specimen would be nice, but do we have a type specimen for our species? If not, we should forgo one for BF for the time being.

  2. Scott, don't get discouraged. After all, this is not just a study of an
    unknown primate, it is a study of us humans as well. We are delving
    deep into the human heart and soul and asking ourselves " What are
    we ". We are asking ourselves are we related to a big hairy monster?
    That in and of itself can be more than many minds can handle.
    This is not a 100yd, dash but a long distance marathon that will take
    years. And many will drop out and fall by the wayside. The poem about losing a horseshoe nail, and thus a shoe was lost, then the horse, then the battle, then the war continues to be relevant here.
    Small things do in fact matter, but never forget the big picture. As long as there is someone who believes there is hope the truth will be
    accepted. Setbacks are not defeats, but challenges. Every day that
    goes by someone new will say " You ain't going to believe what I
    just saw ".

  3. When I was a child I was taught that Planet Earth was unique and that there is no other life in the Universe, except Earth. This was the opinion of leading scientists and taught as Dogma and I did not believe it - so I was a nut.

    I guess Science now suddenly thinks everybody has forgotten what was once taught as Dogma as now Science *SUDDENLY* declares:

    SCIENTISTS have discovered hundreds of Earth-like planets that could harbour life.


    About 4.4 billion planets are similar to Earth in size and temperature, suggesting they may be able to host life, according to a survey of the galaxy using telescopes operating in space and on the ground.

    The number is an estimate based on information taken from 42,000 stars similar to the Earth’s sun and their surrounding planets by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Kepler Space Telescope, as well as telescopes in Hawaii. Ideal planet climate -- not too hot or too cold -- was determined by how far they were away from their stars, according to the report in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


    Astronomer Dimitar Sasselov and his colleagues search for Earth-like planets that may, someday, help us answer centuries-old questions about the origin and existence of biological life elsewhere (and on Earth). Preliminary results show that they have found 706 "candidates" -- some of which further research may prove to be planets with Earth-like geochemical characteristics.


    LOL. The fact that the Universe is full of life was known to the ancients thousands of years ago - and they wrote about it - only to have Lying Mainstream Science dismiss it as mythology.

    Looks like Lying Mainstream Science once again has egg on it's face and has once again proven that most Lying Mainstream Scientists keep their head up their ass.

    One day Lying Mainstream Scientists will admit to Sasquatch being real. That day is approaching, you'll just have to wait a little longer.

  4. You told the heart and soul of this issue. I am really surprised that (they) haven't come after you. Not only do you have bf research community at odds, we have our gov. willing to do anything to keep these creatures under wraps. Then the evolutionist/scientists are like cannibals when it comes to protecting the lies that's been shoved down our necks and taught in schools as fact/truth. Until (they) can come up with plausible lies about bf there will never be enough evidence and the brain dead public will follow the lies. Please don't give up on (their) account, we need you.

  5. Scott,
    Logical Song is so fitting to how people think now these days.

    When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful, a miracle, it was beautiful, magical
    And all the birds in the trees, well they'd be singing so happily, joyfully, playfully, watching me
    But then they send me away to teach me how to be sensible, logical, responsible, practical
    And they showed me a world where I could be so dependable, clinical, intellectual, cynical
    There are times when all the world's asleep
    The questions run too deep for such a simple man
    Won't you please, please tell me what we've learned
    I know it sounds absurd but please tell me who I am


    As your above posters have said. The thought for some that we are related to these creatures called bigfoot is scary.
    It is easier for them to believe it is just a wood ape.
    But to understand that a race that shares more human chromosomes with us and is able to possibly breed with us living in the woods for all these years is a scary thought to people.
    We should think logically but we also need to think as we did when we were young, the question is what if all we really learned in school is wrong. That is a scary thought for so many people.
    Many people will fall back on well science and Darwinism says this. But what if it is all wrong.
    Understanding that this creature may be some key to who we are on earth can not only shake up science but also religion.

  6. Hi Scott,
    Stand your ground, stay true to yourself and the DNA results you've been apart of. The truth will always come out. Maybe not in our life time as we would like, but in the future. I've always noticed that the ones that fight so strongly against something are trying to hide the truth because they are scared or feel threatened of the truth for selfish reasons that only they know.
    Keep up the great work that you do so well and stay safe.

  7. This just showed up...

    A breakthrough in genetics – described as “jaw-dropping” by one Nobel scientist – has created intense excitement among DNA experts around the world who believe the discovery will transform their ability to edit the genomes of all living organisms, including humans.

    For the first time, scientists are able to engineer any part of the human genome with extreme precision using a revolutionary new technique called Crispr, which has been likened to editing the individual letters on any chosen page of an encyclopedia without creating spelling mistakes. The landmark development means it is now possible to make the most accurate and detailed alterations to any specific position on the DNA of the 23 pairs of human chromosomes without introducing unintended mutations or flaws, scientists said.

    The technique is so accurate that scientists believe it will soon be used in gene-therapy trials on humans to treat incurable viruses such as HIV or currently untreatable genetic disorders such as Huntington’s disease. It might also be used controversially to correct gene defects in human IVF embryos, scientists said.


    Imagine that. Genetic manipulation. Just like the Annunaki, who created humans, according to the records of the Sumerians.

  8. TSE, thanks for the info. Makes one wonder if the word discovery
    should be munipulated into the word rediscovery.

  9. One of my fathers favorite sayings Scott,is "you can't make everyone happy,but as long as you try,and do your best to live decent,there you go", lol. Your work,and research has definitely inspired me,as it has others here,and will no doubt inspire future generations,of not just Bigfoot researchers,but seekers of the unknown,and the mysterious in general,for many years to come. And,your ethics,morals,and commitment to the facts, knowledge learned,and sharing that knowledge with nothing asked in return,is IMHO is the markings of a true professional. Then add that you care about the beings researched,as well as the awesome folks that gather here to learn about one of the greatest mysteries of our time,that,again IMHO is setting a high mark in this often maddening field of study and research,,perhaps the highest yet. So,please don't get discouraged my friend. I couldn't imagine how it feels to be a serious part of a worlds first DNA Study of a legendary being,that turned fiction and legend into fact,and not see it getting the attention and credit it rightly deserves,but it will. It may be a ways off,but in the end I truly think it'll happen. And,for all the ones complaining and crying and starting drama for whatever lame reason,,if the body didn't come into the scene by ANY ONE of these individuals,and by them alone,,..it would not be acceptable,at any price,or by any means.

  10. TSE,Sir,excellent point. I was thinking about something very similar,as in The Watchers. And their leaving Heaven,to marry the daughters of men(for they found them fair),and then taught them the secrets from above. Then,it is said the Nephilim sinned big time,by sinning against fish,foul, beast,etc. Could this be genetic engineering? Simply making monsters,thro more advanced tech/science than we have today,just as the tablets state(in much more detail,I may add,) the Sumerians and as Annunaki obviously had? Intriguing to say the least Sir,and,perhaps more than plausible. If we were to include the story of Lilith, This may be the fountain head of all monsters everywhere.