Friday, October 11, 2013

Zapped by a Bigfoot??? -- Updated--

During a recent outing with fellow researcher Greg Gaddock I experienced my first "Zapping" . Though no one knows how the Bigfoot does it,  getting "zapped" is not a good feeling. I have been hit with what I think was infrasound many times and the feeling was much different. During a infrasound attack I get the follow symptoms:

  • My eyes water and I have trouble seeing
  • My heart races.
  • I have a feeling of dread or impending doom. I want to run or leave the area I am in.
  • It gets hard to breathe, I feel like someone is sitting on my chest.
  • On a couple occasions I have experienced memory loss or lost time. The only reason I knew about the memory loss was I had my video camera recording and I would watch the video and have no memory of the events I had recorded. This is a truly strange feeling to see yourself doing things you have no memory of.
  • Hair stands up on the back of my neck and arms.
  • Experience headaches shorty after the infrasound exposure.


The "zapping" was a completely different experience. One I had never had before until now. Many other researchers had told me about them and how unpleasant they were but I had no idea until I experienced it for myself. The funny thing is I ask for it. I was taunting the Bigfoot to do something, almost mocking them and then POW, I get hit. I do not think this was a coincidence. I was baiting them trying to get a reaction and they did not disappoint. Below are what it felt like to get "zapped":

  • I had the sensation of an electric current running through my body. I was hit on my right side and the sensation went up my right arm, through my chest and torso, and then out my left arm.
  • I was momentary "addled", I lost my equilibrium and almost went down. I recovered and maintained my balance. I am confident that had I been on uneven terrain or walking at a quicker pace I would have lost my balance and hit the ground.  
This is the side affect of the zapping that bothers me the most and until now I have not spoken of it, not even to fellow researchers. Then next couple of days I had blood in my urine. Not a great amount but enough to know it was blood. It cleared up quickly and there have been no other side affects I am aware of, but it is very unsettling to know that the can do this by "zapping" a person.

I find it interesting that they responded to my challenge to do something.  In the past when I had taken a "stranger" into this research area the Bigfoot had always reacted. When David Paulides accompanied me in 2011 we were yelled at by two Bigfoot. Greg and I had experienced nothing unusual this day. On our way back to the parking lot I was making my displeasure with the lack reaction known to the Bigfoot. I only spoke in English and I was taunting and daring them. After a loud limb snap I even called them "Butt Heads" afterword because of the lack of activity on their part. Right before I was zapped I was complaining about hearing them make the "Samurai Chatter" and not being able to locate where it came from, I actually mimicked the chatter while explaining this to Greg. 

This begs the question, do they understand English? Did they comprehend that I was making a challenge to them to do something? Did they know that I was complaining about how they speak and act around me? Were they offended by me mimicking the "Samurai Chatter"? Did I inadvertently utter something meaningful while I was doing the "Samurai Chatter" that got their attention or offended them? Where they just messing with me because they could?

Greg left this comment about the encounter:  Amazing day for sure. No doubt in my mind something happened. About one second before you said something I felt what I can only describe as a "puff of air" blow past my face and a weird odor. Probably would have ignored it if you hadn't said something. The audio confirms it even more. You must have caught the blunt of it!  

As usually in Bigfoot research there are always many more questions than answers........


  1. Thank you. Guess they have a "not too friendly" side, huh?

    1. P.S. Your decision to slow down the audio reminded me of Scott Nelson's technique to do that stating they speak faster than we do...interesting what you heard when you did it. Wonder what else you would hear if you slowed stuff down? There is always more, more, more...

  2. Amazing day for sure. No doubt in my mind something happened. About one second before you said something I felt what I can only describe as a "puff of air" blow past my face and a weird odor. Probably would have ignored it if you hadn't said something. The audio confirms it even more. You must have caught the blunt of it!

  3. Makes one wonder if the infra-sound could be used more aggressively
    and if it could be used as a way that would explain the cases in the
    Missing 411 books. You noticed it as a large mature man, what would be the result of a small child being exposed to the hit.

  4. Scott, I believe that what you say about their ability to "cloak" themselves is true, and that when there were "Bigfoot" still in Europe, centuries ago, they were called "the green man" and "jack-in-the-green", while what you call "zapping" might be what the people of past centuries referred to as "elf shot". With your experiences of infrasound, and the feeling of impending doom and wanting to run away (panic), you enter the realm of Pan, the great god of the forest, while with the loss of time and memory you are in the realm of the feys. But I think that all those seemingly disparate sources of experience...jack-in-the-green, the feys, the great god Pan, elf-shot...actually have just one source: what we, today, call "Bigfoot".

    p.s. I cannot recommend the work of author Stan Gooch highly enough.

  5. Scott, do you think there might have been a cloaked Bigfoot on or near the path and you came in physical contact with its cloaking "field"; like an electric bubble around it?

    1. Managerjohn, that was something we discussed while standing there after it happened. Very possible considering the quick "breeze" and odd smell I experienced as Scott was zapped. It actually did feel like something ran past us.

  6. Scott... One of your earliest and most ardent fans here. I have a request, one I am hoping that you take in the right way. I have turned many a skeptic into a believer thru showing your videos... But an equal number comment that you can't spell, and therefore are illiterate and can be dismissed. I know that nothing could be further from the truth, but they don't and it frustrates me greatly to see you put down because of misspellings and grammatical issues. You are FAR from illiterate, and my favorite researcher by far and definitely the most credible. For the sake of your witness, could you please take the time to use a spell checker? Feel free to PM me if you want some friendly examples of what I am taking about. I hope you take this in the spirit that it was given, but regardless of your response you remain the most credible researcher out there bar none. Thanks for all you do.

    1. Actually its the spell checker that gets me in trouble because it will change words on me and if I do not pay attention or catch it then the wrong word gets posted. but I do run the spell checker on my articles. But if you would like to proof them please do. If people discount my research because of typos then there is not much I can do about that, they are just looking for an excuse...

    2. Scott, I had to laugh at the spell checker comment. I don't
      even know how to use it. I still rely on my big dictionary.
      Considering I still type with my trigger finger, it's no big deal. Usually it's not my spelling, but my typing.

    3. if it wasn't for spell checker,you'd swear i was writing in russian:)

    4. I must say it appears extremely shallow.illogical,uneducated and ill informed for anybody to dismiss information due to mis-spellings...I wonder if your friends dismiss official statements and documents too that are often riddled with mis-spellings etc ? How about statements from their own families etc ? As has been said,it seems that this is just a rather lame excuse for lame minds to dismiss`s a shame,but you can`t help those that are incapable or incompetent.

  7. Spell checker is F7 on your keyboard.
    Scott & Greg thanks for the video. Try searching "Qigong Masters" on youtube/web IMO that is what the Bigfoot did to you. Greg you were taping is there such a thing as a meter to read infrasound?