Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Is There A Bigfoot in the Zapped Video???

Many viewers have commented on the video "Zapped By A Bigfoot?" that at the 2:43 time stamp there is a Bigfoot visible. I took that section of the video and both enlarged and enhanced. Is there something there? Is it a Bigfoot? Is it just foliage and shadows playing tricks on the eyes? You be the judge.


  1. I think I remember seeing that dark spot, but couldn't make it out from that distance. I'm guessing about 50 yards or so up the hill? Only thing to do is go back, try to find the spot and see. Almost looks like something looking around the right side of the tree behind it...

    1. I don't know Scott, when I zoom in it sure looks like a dark round eye under that leaf that looks like a brow/ridgeline. Try your clarification software...

  2. Greg, fifty yards is a long way if you were subjected to infra-sound.
    In the natural world that would be akin to being hit by a sniper. I'm
    not dismissing your guessamation, but meerly saying that would be
    amazing if accurate.

    1. I'm pretty sure that what you're saying about infrasound is incorrect, old man. The infrasound generated by animals can travel for long distances; many kilometers, in the case of some species.


  3. I think it looks like a big guy standing there too. Sure does look like an eye and large shoulder has that basic shape. Guess you will only know if you go back and try to re-create the picture.

  4. Kundrie, the description given of the infra-sound incident leads me
    to believe the force was delivered as an accurate blast of energy and
    not as a general call that is usually atributed to elephants and whales. This I believe would be a game changer.

    1. Oh, I see what you're saying. But whales can focus their infrasound:

      "Infrasound is so powerful that it can be used as a weapon. John Cody, in his article, 'Infrasound,' writes about sea life:

      "It has been known that certain whiles are able to stun their prey with powerful blasts of inaudible sounds. Called 'gunshots,' whales focus these powerful blasts at large squid and other fish to paralyze and catch them. In some instances, they have been known to burst their prey apart by tonal projection alone."

      Distress calls from small, beached whales pushed a veterinarian back several feet in the water."


      So maybe the Bigfoot can do the something similar.

      Btw, I not arguing one way or the other about Mr. Craddock's estimate of the distance. All I am saying is that infrasound can travel long distances, and that animals can focus it. The Bigfoot are huge. They have huge chests and long torsos, so their lungs must be enormous, and their large necks could give them the anatomical space for large vocal cords that are capable of generating sub-audible frequencies. So I am saying that what Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Craddock experienced was a kind of infrasonic, sub-audible shout. An infrasonic shout from a huge creature.

      So the Bigfoot might be able to "shout" in infrasound, and they might be able to generate a more sustained tone, kind of like saying "Aaaahhhhh...", only in infrasound. In other words, they would use their voices like we do, only at sub-audible frequencies, and much louder, because they are so big.

    2. Kundrie, thank you for that. I had never heard that information privously and it was interesting. One other item
      that may be of interest is the hunting of elephants by us
      humans. We have over a century of sport hunting and culling operations by government/profesional hunters where
      the animals are harvested at close range. Often at around
      the twenty five yard mark. Understandably the animals
      are in a state of rage at that point and yet there does not
      seem to be a recorded instance of a shooter being knocked off his feet by infra-sound. Please prove me wrong
      so that we can learn more.

    3. This:


      is a picture of an infrasound station. Does it remind you of anything?

      So maybe, as theorized, their stick structures are, indeed, for communication. But not as markers so much as listening stations?

      So the mode of infrasound they would use in any one instance would depend on their intent. If the intent is to confuse and disorient someone, they would use the focused mode; if the intent is to communicate across distances in the forest, they use another mode.

      And about how they focus the infrasound? I don't know, but I am picturing something like smoke rings. Smoke rings are toroids of smoke. The smoke comes out cohered and not chaotic. Maybe the Bigfoot can do something like that with infrasound?

      p.s. Focused infrasound appears to be a hunting technique. Elephants don't hunt, and so maybe that's why they do not seem to possess the ability to focus their infrasound. I bet they wish they could, though.

    4. Kundrie, sound theories. No pun intended.