Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bigfoot Shooting Incident - A MUST LISTEN

The Crypto Crew has interviewed a hunter that shot a Bigfoot in 2003 the day before Thanks Giving. This is a extremely credible in my opinion. I personally believe this man is telling the truth. The Game Warden took blood and flesh from this location. Folks it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the NPS, Game & Fish, along with many other Federal and State Agencies are aware of Bigfoot's existence. I guarantee you this sample was run for DNA. IF it had been completely human then I think this man would have been arrested and charged with murder. IMHO, since there was no arrest and a visit from two gentlemen telling him to keep his mouth shut, the only logical conclusion is the testing found the shooting victim was not human and from a Sasquatch.


  1. Some day the MIB will run into someone that really doesn't care to
    be intimidated. And I mean really doesn't care.

  2. Scott. Regardless of what Melba wants you to believe it is nearly impossible for a person be charged with murder of another person without a dead body as evidence.

    1. Ed, I did not draw that conclusion from anything Melba told me, just common sense. If a sworn officer come into a situation where a guy admits shooting something that leaves human like foot prints and blood is found, I would test it to make sure its not human. This has nothing to do with Melba etc......

  3. Wow..this was an incredible story! I totally believe this man. His story is very credible and its too bad hes had to wait 10 years before he could finally get this off his chest. Even telling the story today he had a hard time telling it. I hope he realizes he doesn't have to be alone in this situation and that there are many people who have had the same experiences. Infact, there are many people today who would be able to help him and protect him should the government decide to do their bullying tactics again. His story alone could provide more information to the Bigfoot research.

  4. Great story, totally believable. Moral of story, don't tell the authorities. Just tell your story to someone like you Scott.

  5. There`s not a lot of point in declining to give his`s not as if he isn`t identifiable by his voice which is quite distinctive...I can well understand why he wishes to remain anonymous but in this instance,anonymous he is not,to anyone that knows him...and as we all know...words,especially on a controversial subject,spread like fire.

  6. I find it very difficult to listen to anyone shooting these creatures out of fear. I don't know how I would react to seeing one but really don't believe I could shoot one.
    This is exactly the reason they don't want anything to do with us because fear is one of the most dangerous emotions we have and they know it. Bigfoots can smell fear on us
    I feel bad for this guy because he has to live with the memories of this and sure he thinks of it often.
    Anyway here's my question to you Scott do you think this is the reason the bigfoots you interact with will not approach you because you carry a gun with you?

    1. Valerie, since you have the same name as my daughter, I'll
      try to express my thought on this. We humans are born with
      a distinct disadvantage when competing with other creatures.
      Mainly our inability to defend ourselves. We have poor teeth,
      poor claws, no fur, we can't fly, we can't run worth a damn
      and swimming is a joke compared to other creatures. Our
      development of hand held tools levels the playing field to a
      certain degree. You may place firearms in the catagory of
      tools. We utilize firearms for various reasons. How we utilize
      them is not the issue here. But what led us to the point that
      a creature was supposedly killed for no good reason. While
      I hate to use the word ignorance, I think lack of knowledge
      is a preferred term, the gentleman in question reacted from
      a basic human instinct. That of survival from something he
      feared from lack of knowledge. No need to judge him, I think
      it was basicly out of his hands. If there is blame to be placed
      it should be at the feet of the scientific world that has refused
      to acknowledge the existance of these creatures. This in turn
      results in a general lack of knowledge on the subject. While
      the guys who should know tell us what to do in the presence
      of bears, mountain lions, street gangs, mothers-in-law and
      other sources of agression, they are strangely silent when
      it comes to what to do in the presence of a bigfoot. When
      confronted by a sight many cannot come to grip with, we will
      react as if it is a threat. And react accordingly. Only by doing
      something that will increase our awareness and knowledge
      of these beings will an incident like this be avoided in the
      future. Visiting a website like Scott's is big step forward.
      Carrying a firearm is a personal decision that should be made by each and every person according to own beliefs.
      We are still on the starting point of learning about bigfoot.
      We have made progress but have a long way to go. If we
      could say that every bigfoot we encounter is a peaceful and
      pleasant being with no intention of causing us harm, then
      no there is no cause for concern. However, the jury still seems to be out on that as yet. And as with people and other creatures there are individuals that don't play by the rules we think they should. So in closing, I would say that
      while fireams may not seem like a pleasant subject in this
      study, I feel like it is only prudent to at least consider them.