Friday, October 25, 2013

Sasquatch Genome Project Press Conference Video Released

The Sasquatch Genome Project has released the complete two hour press conference video. The footage is unedited and complete. This is a very GOOD press conference and all the participants did an excellent job representing the DNA Study and their various organizations. I say hat's off to the group, WELL DONE!!!

The participants in the press conference.


  1. Scott, thanks for the video. I wish there was a DVD of the conference.
    Words escape me right now. This was really good and thanks to all

  2. Well, what can you say? Its all there in black and white so to speak. Even a blind man can see the evidence is there for all to see, brilliant.
    One thing I did notice, was the "tired" look in everyone's eyes, tired of running into a wall of ridicule and ignorance, at every turn. Its definitely going to have a "snowball" effect, coming forward with this undeniable truth. Sykes is proof of that. My biggest fear, is what will happen to the "furry people" if and when they do get acknowledged?? I fear the worst, man and his almighty domination of the world, and everything in it.

  3. Why in God’s green earth did they show such terrible videos when they have much better ones to show the public?? They shot themselves in the foot for sure!! What this group needed Scott is your expertise in the video Department not only showing what you had going on, but in the actual field with this group of people, taking videos for them, because it looks like this Adrian guy is totally fed up with this whole project at present, but he could have shown some of his better videos, and turned this all around; as in to make it a positive instead a negative..

  4. Absolutely amazing collaboration of credible persons! I watched every minute of it and can see how frustrating it has become for them. I personally feel all of them are just trying to get the truth out there and they certainly have the DNA evidence to prove it. The one person that stood out to me was Rich Germeau. His body language, in my opinion, is the PERFECT visual of someone GROUNDED in TRUTH. Scott, thank you for sharing.

  5. Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing this Scott.

  6. Humans: sasquatch doesn't exist! We're the crown of creation.
    Sasquatch: humans don't exist...we're the crown of creation.