Friday, October 25, 2013

DeNovo Journal Website Hacked - Content Destroyed and Altered

In a malicious act hackers broke into the DeNovo Journal Website yesterday destroying and altering content. The site has been taken off line as Dr. Ketchum works with the hosting company to restore the site.

Dr. Ketchum released this statement via her FaceBook Page:

 Denovo Journal was hacked and is temporarily down among other things. The haters have been busy. May God bless them and forgive them. I ask prayers for those that have so little to fill their lives that they waste valuable time here on earth doing evil instead of helping others and loving their neighbors.

This is yet another attempt by the "Melba Haters" to defame and discredit her and the DNA Study. I am personally shocked and appalled by these actions. I have also come to the conclusion that this group of people will stoop to anything to destroy and discredit Dr. Ketchum and the DNA Study.  They have a visceral hatred of her that defies logic and borders on psychotic.

The bloggers also piled on by making fun of Dr. Ketchum and making false accusations. One blogger made the false statement that the reason the site was altered was "Because they can't afford it". This is totally and completely FALSE. This blogger also took the opportunity to post the erroneous information that had  obviously been hacked and post it in a "HIT PIECE". I am so disgusted by this group of unethical, despicable people. This blogger made no attempt to contact Dr. Ketchum and verify the changes to the website were legitimate.

Below are the comparisons to the actual site and the hacked material:

False content was also added to make it appear that the DNA Study did not pass Peer Review. It is obviously that the study is making a group of people very angry and very uncomfortable, so angry that the want to destroy Dr. Ketchum and discredit the paper at ANY COST, my question is why? Are they afraid of the truth???


  1. From what I observed, those are two different sites. One was which was a new site set up by Robin. It contained a link to Denovo which I thought was the same as it was before. From the history of Melba's web sites, I can say a few things come to mind. Could it be that Robin was constructing the new site? She tends to write poorly, have misspelling and exaggerate things. Is this "hacking" excuse just a cover up for horrendous work? It fits what has been posted before. The denovo and sasquatch genome sites were both extremely poorly done with security error, mistakes, and lousy graphics. I would like to know what really happened but I can't buy Ketchum's story (although the sites are so poor, they probably could have been hacked easily). Ketchum has made MAJOR mistakes that have led to her terrible reputation. One of these mistakes has been the completely unprofessional way which she has presented herself.

    1. Part 1
      The site you are referring to was not setup by or sanctioned by Dr. Ketchum. In fact I visited the site yesterday because a commenter "Ed Squatchmaster" referenced a quote from it saying Dr. Ketcum admitted the paper never passed peer review. Today I go back to the site to find that content taken down, but I did copy and past the content.
      Here is the content of that page yesterday, you can clearly see that nothing on this page is attributed to Dr. Ketchum, it is a statement from her "The Friends, Family, loved ones and other supporters of Melba Ketchum and the Forest People"
      February 2013
      Thank you for all the love and support you each have provided Dr. Melba Ketchum. Her work and reputation have been brutaly attacked by all who are scientifically blinded to the truth.
      As Melba's friends, family, and closest loved ones... it became our intent to facilitate and establish an online platform where Melba could freely self-publish her ground breaking science. Her work and manuscript were rejected by NATURE in November of 2012, then rejected again by JAMEZ in January 2013, and promptly rejected again by another scientific online journal toward the end of January / beginning of February 2013. All of these three American Journals as well as the International Journals who rejected Melba should be boycotted for their blanted scientific bias against Melba and her work. She is a brilliant scientist, self-taught geneticist, and loving veterinarian.
      We established an online publishing system through "Advanced Science Foundation Publishing" - founded by Robin Lynne in Big Rapids, Michigan. This gave us the ability to self-publish like other scientist in the field have done repeatedly. It is our hope that the world will have full access to all of Melba's work and her love for the Forest People.
      Please join us in continued support of Melba and please congratulate her for her ground breaking discovery.
      The Friends, Family, loved ones and other supporters of Melba Ketchum and the Forest People.

      The link I was provided was!press-release/cm8a.
      This link no longer functions. If you check the owner of the site using who is your get:
      Domain ID:D167596106-LROR
      Created On:15-Jan-2013 05:45:18 UTC
      Last Updated On:17-Mar-2013 03:45:36 UTC
      Expiration Date:15-Jan-2014 05:45:18 UTC
      Sponsoring Registrar:1 & 1 Internet AG (R73-LROR)
      Registrant ID:SPAG-43520684
      Registrant Name:Jessica Jordan
      So the site is registered to a Jeccisa Jordon. NOT Dr. Ketchum or any of her supporters. You may not like the sites but given the limited resources she did the best she could and they present the facts. The sites are adequate to present the facts. It is obviously a coordinated effort is underway to again smear and discredit Dr. Ketchum, an effort that you are obviously an unwitting participant.

    2. Part 2
      Regardless of how you feel personally about Dr. Ketchum her science is good and the data overwhelming. I doubt any scientist could stand up to the unreasonable and unfair scrutiny that Dr. Ketchum has been put through. Many of these "Major Mistakes" were her trusting the wrong people who later leaked information about her personal beliefs and other lies about the study itself. I would like to know Dr. Sykes personal affiliations, what he personally believes about the Bigfoot. He even came to America and had "an experience" and now believes Bigfoot is real, but you and others in the media gave him a complete pass.
      Be honest, before Dr. Ketchum NO ONE in the scientific community would take this seriously. We could not even get labs to take our money and test hair samples if we told them we thought it was a Bigfoot. So this brave woman goes out, does what everyone else is afraid to do and she is completely and utterly destroyed. She has lost her business, she is financially ruined, and her professional reputation has been destroyed. You have the arrogance to ignore the facts and the extraordinary circumstances and blame her and basically say "she deserved it!!"
      Have you even read the paper or looked at the documentation??? I doubt it. You will fall back on "oh if it was good then science would have judged it so". I say BS and you know it!!! I Challenge you to get of your intellectual butt and read it!
      One thing you and the other critics better HOPE and PRAY, is that she is not right! Wow major egg on your face, but I am sure you will just dismiss it arrogantly blaming your lack of taking her seriously on some superficial reason.
      Oh and in closing is it not interesting you will not allow me to post on your blog, but I am allowing you to post on mine...does the word HYPOCRITE come to mind......

  2. Sharon didn't you just go off on Scott on your own Blog I mean HuffPost.
    Oh and off on Sean Evidences for allowing people to post bad things about you as well?
    So you don't let him post on your blog to push his ideas.
    But he is more respectable in allowing you post your crap on his site.
    I would think you would respect his opinion and allow him to counter what you say on your own blog? Why don't you?

  3. Sharon,

    even if this “hacking excuse is just a cover up for horrendous work by someone who does not know what the hell she is doing”, it was still 1) signed by "supporters", not M.K, it 2) offered some info contradicting previous M.K. communication, so was suspicious at best, and 3) overall provided every reason to think it might have been a hacking or at least "under construction" page,- so: not official communication by M.K.

    You used it anyway in a manner that suited you.

    As for MAJOR mistakes Ketchum made "that have led to her terrible reputation" and "completely unprofessional way which she has presented herself":

    first: you probably think of disinformation from Shawn's blog and elsewhere you accepted as true, just as you accepted this "hacking" or whatever, because it suited you,

    and second: she seems to have "terrible reputation" only on selected sites and among some people, so please do not generalize. If you repeat it often enough, you think it will become the universal truth?

    Actually, this here now shows a "completely unprofessional way" in which you have presented her and her work.

    Anyway, the day Zoo Bank accepts her application based on her paper, the paper is offline and this appears. William of Ockham would go with hacking on this one.


    PS. I just posted the same comment on her site, i-doubting-it will be allowed. Sorry for repeating myself.

  4. As I understand it, hacking a website is a crime, perhaps with very few exceptions. If hacking took place, the DOJ website is the first place to look to follow through. I'd move on this right away if you haven't already.

  5. Scott ..NICE article !!!

    And I think you are RIGHT on the money !! And as far as the Clan goes they are in, they have like a Clan leader. And they are MOST DEFINATLY smarter than we are don't underestimate that .. they are for sure. And ALOT of people will NOT agree with that ... Don't Care ..they ARE !! And there are ALOT more of them than people think just as you said. And don't think they don't live around all of us from the deep woods to the Big cities .. because they DO !!!! They also regulate when and how many offspring they have to keep their population in control ... WHAT WE NEED TO DO !!

    And the Cloaking thing .. they don't actually go invisible all they do is get outside our vision spectrum !! They are still there, NOT invisible ...we just cant see them. And I think, just like dogs can ear outside our hearing spectrum ..I think they can see them also. And that is just a guess from what I have seen before from a dog when they were close by !! And their weakness is their EYE SHINE and I am not just talking about reflective light eye shine. I have seen it so bright before it looked just like 2 flashlights held up about 10 in apart and when it looked toward me it looked like 2 flashlights pointed / shined my way !!! And they have the ability to hide that eye shine !!! .... I think they have a 2nd eyelid or membrane similar to an alligator that they can close and hide the shine. I have even heard an eye witness say he seen what looked like that very thing when he came upon 2 of them. Said he seen what looked like a 2nd membrane when the big male standing very close to him blinked !!

    People don't understand why they are not hearing about people seeing them all the time, if there was so many . Well 1st of all it goes back to the " I will not be telling people I seen one, just for them to call me crazy " .. And the other reason is .. Think about this .. Look up "Carlos Hathcock" and read about him and think about these guys like that .. But BF has been doing this ALL their life . And Carlos did NOT !! He ONLY did this in the Military !! Now think about that and wonder why we don't see them !! People did not see Carlos either !!

    1. Yeah, and Carlos even stuck a white feather in his hat.

  6. I hope you'll continue to persevere in your work Dr. Ketchum! This yet another example of idiots with too much time on their hands. I am sickened by it but unfortunately that holds little water in the idiotic realms of "researchers"

    Just wanted to wish you the best of luck!

    Cheers, Cliff