Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dr. Sykes Circumvents Peer Review Process - Media Makes Outrageous Conclusion That The Yeti is Actually A Hybrid Bear.

The Media in its typical knee jerk reaction is attempting to claim that two random hair samples collected without any chain of custody are from a hybrid species of bear and that this hybrid bear is actually the Yeti. The inference of the media is that the hundreds of eye witnesses over the years have mistakenly misidentified this bear as the creature known as the Yeti.

Dr. Brian Sykes is claiming that two hair samples, one found in the western Himalayan region of Ladakh and the other from Bhutan, 800 miles away are from a possible Polar Bear Hybrid. Here is his quote made to The "In the case of these two yeti samples that we're talking about, they matched a sequence in the GenBank from a polar bear jaw found in Svalbard, which is at least 40,000 years old." This was around the time that the polar bear and the related brown bear were separating into different species.

Dr. Sykes hints that these bears might be what people are misidentifying as a Yeti, but he has no scientific data to back up his assertion. 

Dr. Sykes is also not following standard protocols for publishing scientific papers. The standard practice is for the paper to be peer reviewed and published in a journal before the results are made public. It appears Dr. Sykes is circumventing this time honored process and releasing his findings before any peer review and journal publishing. I find this to be very outrageous and hypocritical. If Dr. Ketchum would have attempted this "end run" around the accepted process she would have been castigated by the media and scientific community, yet Dr. Sykes is apparently getting a pass. This blatant double standard is appalling!

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  1. Wow. I can say I'm surprised here. LOL! I wouldn't expected something like this,to come from such a "well spoken" of professional scientist. Hopefully this is not the extent of his "findings".
    Thanks for the update Scott.

  2. Here is my favorite quote taken from MSNBC:

    Sykes said he was simply trying "to inject some science into a rather murky field."

    "The Yeti, the Bigfoot, is surrounded in myth and hoaxes," he said. "But you can't invent a DNA sequence from a hair."

    -I find that sorta funny considering that the "scientific" community said thats basically what Dr. Ketchum did, "invent a DNA sequence from a hair"

  3. Thank you for your steadfastness in this issue it is appreciated.

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  5. Scott, I think that just re-inforces Dr. Ketchum's position.

  6. There is a documentary on the UK channel 4 at 10pm on October 20..."The Bigfoot Files" features Dr.Sykes...from what I can make out,the documentary is centred solely on the Himalayas and the "Yeti"...there is no investigation that encompasses anywhere calling it "The Bigfoot Files" seems somewhat a misnomer.