Friday, October 18, 2013

Dr. Sykes Takes Cheap Shot At The Ketchum DNA Project

Well folks the "White Wash" has begun as most of us have expected. Dr. Sykes has come forward with NO data, NO Study, No Peer Review, and NO Journal Published Paper claiming that the Yeti is nothing more than a hybrid bear. Here is his quote "findings suggest that sightings of the legendary Yeti may actually represent observations of a previously unknown creature in the Himalayas — perhaps a hybrid of polar bears and brown bears." The mainstream media and science are gladly lapping up this hogwash.

Dr. Sykes makes this claim in an interview with NBC News  after testing only two hair samples, randomly collected over 800 miles apart. He has no chain of custody, no eye witness to place a "Yeti" in the area the hair was collected, and no hair expert examined the hairs prior to testing. The hairs match a "ancient polar bear" and shazaam Dr. Sykes descends from on high to declare that the Yeti mystery is solved. This is the most ridiculous, unscientific farce I have ever witnessed.

Dr. Sykes completely circumvented the peer review process and is making these claims with no data to back up his assertions yet the media and mainstream science is more than happy to accept this as "gospel" because it fits their agenda. When the media went out to find an "Outside Expert" to comment on Sykes claims they found a willing accomplice that said the following: Tom Gilbert, professor of paleogenomics at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, told The Associated Press that Sykes' research provided a "reasonable explanation" for past Yeti sightings. 

Dr. Sykes also took a veiled cheap shot at the Ketchum DNA Study when he said the following in the NBC News Interview:
 "One of the reasons I started this project is that Bigfoot, Yetis and Sasquatches have fallen out of the scope of science, and all of the work that’s been done has been in the realm of fantasy and very eccentric, and not worked on very vigorously. Nothing has ever been published in a reviewed scientific journal. The project is still going on, and the idea is to publish this results in a scientific journal to bring it back into the realm of science. All my colleagues think I’m taking a risk in doing this, but I’m curious, and I am in a position to actually do something to answer the questions."

In my opinion the above statement is a blatant lie and Dr. Sykes knows it! The Ketchum DNA Study was reviewed twice by the Journal Nature and PASSED peer review by the JAMEZ Journal. Dr. Ketchum was savaged in the media and blogs and was railroaded during the Journal Nature peer review process. A referee for the Journal Nature unethically leaked a copy of the first peer review which was used to destroy Dr. Ketchum's reputation, intimidate her co-authors, and destroy the DNA Study.

In contrast to Dr. Sykes lack of data, the DNA study involved multiple disciplines and had nine scientists contribute to the paper. Over 100 samples were forensically processed and three complete genomes extracted. The paper and supporting documentation can be viewed free of charge by clicking this link: DNA STUDY . You can also view the peer reviews to include the passing peer reviews from JAMEZ by click this link: Peer Reviews

This was not unexpected and unfortunately I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. I think it is reprehensible that Dr. Sykes can come forward with no paper that can be viewed/scrutinized, make  unsubstantiated claims, and be taken seriously by the media. I hate to say this but Dr. Sykes is getting ready to throw the entire "Bigfoot World" under the bus. The ironic fact is that he will use the people in the Bigfoot World who supported him and trashed Dr. Ketchum to do it. I predict by the time he is through we will be relegated back to the "fringe" and "koodom" realm we have struggled so hard to emerge from. Well "Bigfoot World" you are getting what you deserve and definitely reaping what you have sowed....



  1. He is only talking about the Yeti study NOT the BIGFOOT !!!

    1. I make that clear in my post, but he is also talking about all "Bigfoot, Yetis, Sasquatches" please read his statement, and that is what he is referring to when he says "all of the work that’s been done has been in the realm of fantasy and very eccentric, and not worked on very vigorously. Nothing has ever been published in a reviewed scientific journal."

  2. I understand he has to have his clothes special made in order for
    the strings to pass through. Someone is definitely pulling his.

  3. Sykes, is a government "stooge" pure and simple, hence the reason why all his statements and imaginary results will be shouted from the highest rooftops, and accepted by all as gospel....... someone as to put the lid back on to this almighty can of "giant" worms that Scott, Dave Paulides, Adrian Erickson, Melba Ketchum and many others have opened and shown to the Bigfoot world. The Sykes team documentary is due to be shown in 3 parts I believe, with the first episode been shown at 8pm Sunday evening here in the U.K. First part covers the Yeti question, and that we should all believe the answer to that question is, a" BEAR".... walking everywhere on 2 feet, evading camera traps, I.R. sensors, expert trackers and researchers in general, but of course its a bear, "obviously". Sykes, and the powers that be, "obviously" think that we the general public are as thick as pig shit, to swallow this crap. And they are right, because 99% of the general public "will" swallow this crap......."WAKE UP" people, just for once try looking past your own nose and think for yourselves......the proof is all around you, just have to sift through the " Bear shit" first.

  4. The yeti is a bear! Well,I'll be darned. That explains a lot. NOT!
    RSR said it best. This is a sorry,pathetic,and IMHO DOWNRIGHT DISGRACEFUL ATTEMPT BY MAINSTREAM SCIENCE(just another term for"bought,payed for,and under complete and total control by UNCLE SAM AND THE GOOD OL' BOYS) to show the "truth",to the American public,that the Yeti is a "myth",and so is anything that even remotely resembles it,,period. I think we all agree,,the facts of the matter,as shown by all involved in the DNA Study,are in reality, quite a different matter. I don't think there's A single reason that Uncle Sam and the good ol boys,running amuck in Washignton,spending our hard earned dollers like a wino on a lottery winning binder;I think it's a few. Each is as good as another,and they all add up for big trouble for anyone who's supposed to be in charge of telling the truth to the American public.
    I used to have quite a tolerance for B.S. I prided myself on that aspect. Not anymore my friends. My innocence glad has been shocked,stunned,and jolted so many times,in the last three years,that this flunky that is refered to as "Dr Sykes",and the nonsense that's shaping up as we type,may be the last one I can tolerate. I actually had the thought,like many here,and elsewhere in the community perhaps,that Sykes would hook it up,perform the work just as Dr Ketchum and everyone involved did,and in the end,he would reach the same results,,as Dr Ketchum.
    Two hairs,found 800 miles apart,,leads someone(sounds like a possible hack,huh? I mean,I never even took algebra as a subject,but I could whoop out some nonsense that would sound four times better than this water headed conclusion,but,,I couldn't live with myself in the end,,after all,some if us do carry a powerful conscience),a genetisic wizard,world renown,to state that the mythological Yeti,,is actually a weird,and damned rare,,,,Polar Bear.
    Give me a break.
    Scott,,thanks for the update. Unless something else remarkable happens,it'll be back to the "same old,same old" with researching,commenting,sharing info,and hoping for better days,and thinking. Lol,,to be honest,it would be a fantastic thing for the species to be recognized,for,IMHO,all the variety of reasons. But let's face it,I think a few of us can agree,,if the scientific/acedemia community's did actually take this arena of research seriously,they would screw it up,and it would likey be terrible for everyone involved,,and none more so than our massive,stealthy interests,and their kin.

  5. Well Scott. Sykes is right yet again and you being fed lies from Ketchum. Not for much longer though. We've got our hands on some emails between yourself and the good Dr. Ketchum. We should be releasing these in the near future so everyone can see how you are simply a PR person for whatever untruths she wants to get out.

    1. Fire away Big Ed, I have nothing to hide......

    2. Really. I can't wait to see this. Of course,just like photoshop,emails can be crafted as well. It never ceases to amaze me. It seems like the skeptics and political ally's of mr mainstream,often work harder to lie,spread bogus propaganda,and attempt to debunk, than the folks collecting the real evidence in the field! What a shame.

    3. Ed, make sure there's plenty of it. My garden needs more

  6. Thank you, Scott, for the update we appreciate your diligence. Integrity is a word that comes to mind that you possess. It is a word that few people in this day and age know anything about. Hang in there!