Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bigfoot Captured on FLIR - Detials/Background

I have had time to organize my videos from the camping trip I took last week. Here is the background and setup concerning the FLIR footage I captured. 


  1. Scott, I'm a little techno-challenged, OK alot
    of techno-challenged, if bigfoot can see in the
    infra-red range as you suspect ( and I agree )
    does the flir unit produce a signature that could be seen by the bigfoot? It's movement away
    from you while focusing would seem to suggest it

  2. The FLIR is not suppose to output anything, but I think the BF saw me standing there holding it in my hand and when I stopped and pointed it at him I think he knew what I was doing.....

  3. Even with the most advanced techololgy no one has yet to get a clear image og Bigfoot.

  4. Not the prettiest of fella`s is he...or even she !!! ...did you hear anything while you were recording ?

  5. wow! Impressive Scott!! Keep up the outstanding work!!