Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Top Ten "Bigfoot Shootings"

Chuck Prahl has a good post on alleged Bigfoot shootings. 

 Chuck’s Notes > Here I have put together from hours of research my Top Ten Bigfoot Shooting Reports. These are Amazing reports taken from as far back as a hundred years ago. I haven’t included the Justin Smeja bigfoot shooting not that I don’t believe but new evidence may be published soon that may give credence one way or another  and if so this list will be amended.

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1 comment:

  1. Strange how after all that has been discussed
    over the years we still rate the shooting of a
    possibly related being as though it were a hit
    song. Is there any wonder we are debating whether or not to take military action against
    a country for using chemical weapons that resulted in the deaths of 1500 people after 120,000 have died. I wonder if bigfoot sits out
    in the forest and just waits til all of this insanity is complete and all he has to do is
    take control. Sorry for the rant.