Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bigfoot in The Background??

I take a closer look at the subject that is behind me the recent research video. Is this a Bigfoot? Is it in stealth mode or just blend in naturally? I do know that 1:30 before the figure appeared there was nothing in that location, no dark spot, foliage, blob, etc. I also wanted to point out that I took this footage with a Sony HD 1080p camera. 



  1. It appears in the video that you look directly at him but obviously you didn't see him at the time, right? Wonder if they don't realize they can't be seen by us very well? If they thought because you looked in his direction that you actually saw him, which in turn causes them to make the diversions, as you hypothesized, to get your attention the ruse was successful for them. Unfortunately, the manipulation was at your expense not a nice result for you. The question in my mind is at what lengths will they go to change your focus if they are threatened. I am thinking it is a potential danger to you especially because you did state that you felt threatened and wanted to get to higher ground to escape the pickle you were in. Once again, thanks for sharing and allowing us to express our thoughts on what is happening out there.

    1. No, I did not see him, if you noticed a look over that way a couple times, I knew something was in that direction but I just did not see it...

  2. Oh man he was close! It's almost like you can see right through him. The stealth theory is really beginning to seem more like reality. Lots of coincidences are starting to add up. So much yet for us to learn.
    I've felt surrounded several times and it'll definitely give you a reality check. The time at my house I KNOW I was surrounded at least from the front and back. I locked eyes with the one in front of me, but only heard the one behind me. I don't see how anybody could get used to that. Stay safe my friend.

  3. You can definitely see the flat face in the profile and the head movement. He sees you in his side vision and knows he can't make an abrupt movement or you will see him. The human eye and brain cannot perceive the shape and movement, but the video allows you to isolate and pick out the shape and movement. Your persistence is paying off big. Great work ! If you haven't seen these, listened to this two part interview with a guy who had a 20 minute close up sighting with binoculars in W.Va. in 2005. Just like you, there were two of them on different sides of him and I he felt extremely threatened and watched them run on all fours.

  4. Joe. Any ideas on how they are disrupting our field of vision and is it related to the infrasound? Obviously if the other members were concerned enough about the subject behind you they know they can be located. Is it when they are moving that they are most vulnerable? Good work, fascinating stuff as always.

  5. That is either a bigfoot or an incredibly huge hairy pointy headed person,I'll go with a bigfoot.Well captured sir.