Friday, August 2, 2013

Bigfoot Research - The Anomalies (UPDATED)

Since I started this adventure called "Bigfoot Research" I have from time to time captured video or pictures of creatures that do not fit in the nice neat box of what is expected. I started researching back in 2009 and since I have captured over 10 of these anomalies. The one I am showing you today was a rare double. The photographs were taken with a trail camera set to take 60 pictures (one per second) for sixty seconds if it was tripped. There is a clearly visible "anomaly"  on the left side of the frame but I also noticed a faint dark figure in the photographs just out of the beam of the IR illumination. I noticed faint eye shine and the possible body and a face of this subject as I reviewed the footage. The subject has a "troll like" appearance. Is this a Bigfoot or something else? 

Below is video where I look at the subject on the left side of the frame:


  1. The last frames of the Creepy video look like a very young bigfoot before the heads morphs when it gets older.

  2. It's always back to this:

    The Coconut Telegraph:

    And you're going to have to ask THEM some questions. AND - perhaps - not like the answers, or understand the answers you receive. Because.

    AND - Everyone will say you're KRAZY - 'cause it's all in your mind. And it is - but it isn't! "cause you're dealing with things that exist in this World and OTHERS. You can't go there - but you got a glimpse. YOU got a Glimpse.

    Like Paul Freeman, or Roger Patterson, or Bob Gimlin.

    Billie Holiday sings the BLUES!

    Does it have ANYTHING to do with your research? YOU indicate FREQUENCIES might be involved. (Infrasound) Google Schumann Resonance.

    Sympathetic Vibratory Frequencies?

  3. The Paul Freeman Footage. Courtesy Thom Squatch.

    Un Cut.

    Un Edited.

  4. Scott,,this clip weirds me out,more than it did the first time! I can't believe that in the background!!!! I can see it,now that you've highlighted it. It is beyond strange,,the facial area looks bizarre! I don't know. I'm still really confused about this clip,and that entity lurking in the background,sure didn't help to make any clarity easier,,Lol!! Thanks for sharing my friend. Hopefully in the future,you'll be able to capture the entire entity,to make a positive and full comparison. But,,,,that may be something,that could be drastically puzzling in itself,if you know what I mean,and not nessecerly a good thing.