Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bigfoot Research - National Park Feeding Station Update

National Park feeding station update, video of the events and possible subject behind me.


  1. You can see the big brow ridge, slopping forehead and cranial vault on the big boy. Looked like another face below the big one. Scott, you have nerves of steel and I hope you carry some bear spray and a big caliper handgun, just in case. Great work.

  2. Strange isn't it that one bigfoot in an area is something we long to see. But two or three seems to
    make us nervous. Like we could handle one large hairy
    primate of emmense strength but not two or three. It would take alot of liquid courage to convince me that
    I was 10 feet tall and bullet proof in those circumstances. And since I haven't taken a drink in
    many years, I will stay on this side of the computer
    screen and wish Scott safe journies.

  3. You can see something behind you at 18:52 then again at 18:59. It's vague because the camera was moving pretty fast but if you stop in just the right spot you can make out a face. This was probably the one you were looking for at the top of the hill. Good luck and stay safe. Keep following that 6th sense.

  4. I have a screen capture i'd be happy to send you if you would like.