Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4TH!! - Some Good Ole Bigfoot Stuff

Thought I'd post some interesting photos from the last couple years.

National Park - Infrared Trail Cam Photograph. This is a creepy looking Bigfoot. I know that night conditions and infrared make this Bigfoot look more "creature like". This is a previously un-published photograph.

Public Land Research Area - The wife spent about 30 minutes calling out and talking to the Bigfoot. We heard some movement in front of us and I started snapping still shots with my iPhone. I noticed what looked like the forehead and eyes of a Bigfoot. Notice how blue/greem the eye is and how it reflects the light. The head is over seven feet off the ground.

Back Yard Bigfoot Hair Samples - Hair samples collected from my back yard that are in the Ketchum DNA Study.

Back Yard Footprints:

Nation Park - I found this large mushroom in my research area. Something with a large mouth bit into it then spit it back out.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing these photos Scott. The first series of Bigfoot pics are amazing!! And the mushroom,, and foot prints?! How cool is that. Very cool IMO!
    Happy 4th of July my friend! I hope it's a fantastic day,for you and yours.