Monday, July 8, 2013

Very Good (Technical) Article on the Ketchum Sasquatch DNA Study

This is a very good article getting in depth on the hair, genetic mutations, and origination of the Sasquatch Genome. Dr. Ketchum is sited through out this article. I will warn you that this is a very technical article but for those who have followed the DNA project closely this is a good read. Below is a except from the article by: Alex Putney. The full article can be read at:

Numerous unidentifiable hair samples have been collected from pasture fencing that show distinctly non-human, non-animal characteristics under microscopic examination (above), yet consistently yield human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). While this anomalous feature of Sasquatch genetics has halted many forensic investigations, nuclear DNA (nuDNA) studies reveal the giants to be a viable human-hybrid species. For this reason, human-Sasquatch interbreeding produces viable offspring defined as backcrossed hybrids entering the human genepool at a much higher rate than one might guess.

Toward development of a comprehensive Sasquatch genome database, multitudes of hair samples specifically linked with Sasquatch close encounters have been recovered by dedicated field research organizations including the Sylvanic collective, Erikson Project, Olympic Project, Arizona Cryptological Research Organization and the Stan Courtney Research Group. Novel hair samples have also been collected by hundreds of eyewitnesses and Sasquatch habituators. In a long-term study, Texas-based DNA Diagnostics has screened over 100 hominin hair samples by careful morphological examination, revealing several consistent features that diverge significantly from all human and animal hair types.A wide variety of hair shaft profiles were observed using stereomicroscopy and light microscopy (above)... with most exhibiting a stiff, wiry texture and wavy, curved appearance with rounded tapered tips, consistent with aged hairs that had not been cut. The full length of the hairs was approximately 15 cm and diameters ranged from 80 to 110 µm (human head hairs typically range from 55 to 100 µm in diameter). The medulla and root were found to be the two most discriminating characteristics of the microscopic examination. Most of the novel hairs had medullary structures and diameter ratios that were clearly distinct from human hairs... 

Human hairs exhibit characteristic uniform imbricate scale patterns of the cuticle. Several different cuticle patterns were observed on the submitted samples. The hairs exhibited wide imbricate scale patterns proximally that transformed to close imbricate patterns distally. These patterns are distinctly non-human in appearance. Most of the submitted hairs were not microscopically consistent with any of the hairs from the reference collection of common animal hairs that included human, cat, dog, cow, horse, deer, elk, antelope, moose, sheep, fox, bear, coyote, wolf, rat, mouse, monkey, beaver, squirrel, llama and others.


  1. I would strongly recommend that anyone interested read Document #4, parts 1 and 2, about the Colorado Ranch.

  2. Well,Scott. I will take your word,that this is a good article. Lol,I have followed the Study when possible,but,,many times,it's too far above my head. I'm glad this is positive news although,,and that never hurts! Awesome.

  3. A good article Scott. The more I look at the Native American histories, the more I realize that there is is something innate in my own archaic generic makeup that makes me not fully trust these entities when I sense they are around me. Keep it coming

  4. Funny, even an article with big words won't convince
    some folks. And when I need to pull out my big dictionary, I know I'm in over my head. It's nice to know that there are folks who can use those big words
    and believe what the rest of us do.

  5. Well, now.

    Although the sections on Sasquatch DNA are extremely interesting and well explained, the additional information provided in this article takes it to a WHOLE other level.

    Or two.

    What are your thoughts on the "subterranean guardian" info, alien genetic manipulation and population control, parallel subterranean human populations, or any other topics presented you would care to address?

    I have been reading your blog for a while now and have found you to be extremely level-headed and thorough in your documentations. I have been impressed. Quite truthfully, to see you present this link calmly without any qualifiers other than "I will warn you that this is a very technical article" concerns me. Do you subscribe to the information in its entirety, or just to the DNA sequencing explanation? Your actions in the past lead me to value your opinion, but I find this difficult to take as a whole. Is that what you intended?

    This is not meant to be sarcastic in any way. Although I do have my suspicions about a great many of the things mentioned in this article being possible, the thought that someone I consider very rational is presenting it all as believable, honestly, freaks me out a bit.

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