Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bigfoot = Good Dogman and Other Cryptids = BAD!!

I have learned the hard way that with some people Bigfoot is ok and accepted but any other cryptid that is out there is “taboo”. It is ok to see it, get high definition video of it, but just keep it to yourself, “we don’t want to know about it.” Even worse some are now questioning my sanity and mental state because I am talking about the Dogman, cloaking, and other unexplainable experiences I have had in the woods. 

I find it ironic that when I venture out of the “norm” for Bigfoot research I become one of “Them”, the “loons” with “crazy theories”. I am “reaching” and my “imagination” is getting the best of me. “Just stick to Bigfoot, and leave all this other crazy stuff alone”, is a common theme. 

The problem is I am experiencing these “odd” cryptids. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR THEM! They have found me. I am out in the woods doing Bigfoot research and these cryptids are just showing up. I cannot just ignore a six foot dog like creature staring at me from only 30 feet away. I did not imagine it, I experienced it! I also have it on video along with claw marks in the trees and foot prints on the ground. 

How can I ignore the video of one of these strange creatures standing
just feet behind me? Some want to deny what is on the footage I have posted, but every reasonable person I have shown the video to has admitted there is a creature there, they can see it, and it makes them extremely uncomfortable. The most common description I get is “that footage weirded me out!”

When I first befriended Dave Paulides and we started working together he told me something that would prove prophetic. David had talked with Ray Crowe the author of the long running newsletter “The Track Record”. (NABS now owns the complete archive of The Track Record”. ) Ray told Dave, “the longer you research Bigfoot the stranger, weirder, and unexplainable it will get”.  Four years into researching Bigfoot I can tell you this is a very true statement.

The problem is, what do I do with the videos, evidence, and experiences? One of the founding tenants of my research was to be open, transparent, to post videos, and present my experiences un-censored and un-cut. In doing so some YouTube viewers and Blog readers have taken issue with the experiences that do not relate to Bigfoot. 

I find it interesting that while I am accused of “being way out there” or “off the reservation” others who have had similar experiences are taken seriously and considered legitimate. The bestselling book “Hunt for The Skin Walker” by Colm A. Kelleher PhD and George Knapp is a prime example. Everything I have experienced is documented in this book yet Knapp and Kelleher are deemed respectable and believable while I am labeled a “kook” and “on the fringe”. I would also like to point out that the group NIDS (National Institute for Discovery Science) is the group featured in the book and the group was founded and funded by Robert Bigelow. Bigelow is a hotel and aerospace entrepreneur. He owns the hotel chain Budget Suites of America and is the founder of Bigelow Aerospace. He is definitely not considered as being “mentally unstable” or a “fringe kook”. 

The book even had a Dogman account. On page 48 of the book there is an account of Ute tribal police officers driving by the dirt road that leads to the “Skin Walker Ranch”. The officers saw “two persons standing by the side of the road in long, dark coats smoking cigarettes and they had dog faces.” The startled police officers backed up to get another look but the “persons” were gone. They had disappeared into thin air leaving two smoldering cigarette butts on the ground.

So if you’re  a millionaire, celebrated TV journalsit/author, or have a “PHD” after you name then its ok to experience strange cryptids and phenomena and write about it, but if you an average “Joe” (pun intended) like me then it’s a huge “no no”.  It is obvious to me that a double standard is in place concerning cryptids.
 I would also like to point out that NIDS deployed state of the art electronics during their investigations to include HD video, FLIR, Spectrometers, etc. Though much data was collected to my knowledge no viable video or still image has ever been made public by the NIDS team.  On the other hand with a $200.00 video camera, thread, sticks, and some common sense I have been able to capture and make public HD video of cryptid creatures. Am I bragging? A little, but my point is obvious, I am marginalized, criticized, and ignored because I am an amateur, a mere “layman”. 

If you are one of those who are uncomfortable with me posting images of cyprtids other than Bigfoot or you are convinced I have “lost my mind” do not be alarmed. I am perfectly normal, sane, and emotionally well adjusted.  I am also in good company with some of the leading scientist in the crytpid field.   What you may find disturbing is I do not plan on stopping. If I capture a cryptid on video I will post it. I think it would be irresponsible not to inform people what is really out there regardless of how uncomfortable that reality makes us feel.


  1. Thank you for your honesty. Integrity is a scarce characteristic found these days.

  2. It's actually the people who live their lives through Television, Movies and Malls that you have to worry about. That's an artificial world of make-believe. Quite frankly, the Fools are too ignorant to understand and many suffer from the Downing Effect.

    "One of the main effects of illusory superiority in IQ is the Downing effect. This describes the tendency of people with a below average IQ to overestimate their IQ, and of people with an above average IQ to underestimate their IQ." Many people find themselves BORED with reading and learning at a higher level simply because they don't have the IQ to understand it.

    From Malou Zeitlin: (describing what you are experiencing).

    "The Embarrassed Simian Syndrome: Dr. XXXXXXX seems to be having an acute case of the "Embarrassed Simian Syndrome." I've noticed similar behavior among our cousins at the zoo. When faced with a puzzling task he can't perform, the ape grins, scratches himself and turns away.

    Human beings resort to humor, or sarcasm, to avoid the public humiliation of
    having to display their ignorance."

    Arguing with the stupid and ignorant is like trying to teach a Pig to fly. It wastes your time and annoys the Pig. Don't waste your time or annoy them.

  3. Of course, your answer as to what you believe you are experiencing is a very close description of The Jinn. Extra-dimensional Beings. That is why NIDS was never able to capture the bizarre on film.

    "There is enormous evidence that deceptive entities are masquerading as extraterrestrials. There are unseen creatures that we share this Earth with.
    They don't come from other planets. They've been called many names: aliens, spirits, Etherians, Ultraterrestrials, and more. In the Koran they are called the Jinn. Information about the Jinn reads like a textbook description of UFO and other paranormal phenomena.

    Discovering these entities gives you an essential key to understanding paranormal phenomena. They are the major players behind our myths and most perplexing mysteries."


    "They sought to overpower humanity in its psychological and perceptual functions... although they saw that human thinking was superior to theirs... For indeed their delight is bitter and their beauty is depraved. And their triumph is in deception (apaton), leading astray, for their own structure is without divinity."

    Our opening quote is from The Apocryphon of John II, a Nag Hammadi text extensively discussed by author John Lash. What's so breathtaking and challenging about it is that deep mind recognizes its antiquity and its possible truth and relevance to present times.



    UFOs aren't extraterrestrial -- They're extradimensional.

  4. Scott, if we wanted to hear what everyone else thought,
    we would not be reading what you think and experience.
    This has been going on in this field of study for years.
    And as long as there are stupid people, as Ron White says; "You can't fix stupid", it will go on. The trick has always been to make sure your Male Bovine Waste filter is in working order.

  5. Scott, Are you teasing again? Does this mean the next post will be another meeting of the dogman or some other cryptid, you happen to catch on video? Oh I do hope so, As I really enjoy your commentary & videos. As I tell my children, Are you enjoying what you are doing? Then what does it matter what others say? As always anxiously awaiting your next post.

    1. Misty, no "new" video yet, but with some of the interesting things that I have been experiencing lately I may get something soon.

  6. Where to start. Wow. Scott,i what your saying here. It seems ironic,and often idiotic,IMO,that so many intelligent,and knowledgable people in this community talk all day,and some nights,about getting the truth. Learning the facts. Solving the mystery,forever. One thing I do see,and understand,is a persons right. Everyone has a right to like something,or not. Learn about it or not. Etc. however,if an individual,makes a statement about one persons sanity,quality of research,etc etc,AND,,,this is a big and here,,hence the caps,,AND the person(s) making these said statements/judgements,,happens to be involved in a arena or subject of research that a huge chunk of moderne day Americas think is pure fantasy,hoaxes,misidentified animals,or any of the other descriptions for Bigfoot,as long as it doesn't make it seem real,,,,see what I'm getting at here? What's that old saying? Like the pot calling the kettle black? LOL! Yea. That's sad. But,here we are.
    Scott,I truly think you've done a good thing here,,not just for your work and research,but,for your readers,followers,and fans of the amazing and still growing stockpile of knowledge,video/photo evidence,and the unparalleled contributions to the legacy we all know as the Bigfoot and Sasquatch. I can see where many may really enjoy,and learn from your posts,videos,and thoughts on and about Bigfoot,but not wanting to get into the other things,as in dogman. I understand how they feel! They do tend to effect my nerves severely at times,,lol. I think you made a great call,by keeping your Bigfoot research here,and making a spot for the dogmen,and others elsewhere.
    Anyways,don't let the "nay sayers" nay you to death,and don't let the mindset of a few(or many for that matter,lol.) bum you out my friend. This is what bums me out,the most. The public is hard enough on us,as it is. But many times over,,and sadly,the worst critics and skeptics for the Bigfoot community,,is usually the Bigfoot community itself.
    And,outstanding Sir,on your ethics,and moral responsibility,when it comes to this field. I'm glad there is a few out there,as yourself,that doesn't pretend everything's warm and fuzzy,,puppy's (no pun intended,) and kittens. There is a "not very pleasant" side to this,,and it cannot be stressed enough,how radically,ones life may change.,

  7. I have had gotten some crazy looks as well when I try to explain bigfoot/dogman. I show what I think is pretty good footage or photos, yet my friends say they see nothing. Kinda frustrating, but oh well. I know this world is bigger and more mysterious than most people think. Even the bible has references of ancient giants/fallen angels. Makes you think whether or not bigfoot derived from these spiritual beings. As much as bigfoot interests me, I try not to dwell on it because it can be so frustrating at times. Surely this creature will become known and socially acceptable in the modern world in due time.

  8. I have also noticed the really odd selective nature of who and what people choose to believe and who and what they don't. We don't want to believe any of this, not really, so it's very easy to brush it off as some kinda lunacy, in most cases. Most very good researchers get the bum's rush in most public forums, IMO.

  9. Scott; continue to stay true to who you are and your style of research and sharing of information. Your humble attitude and intriguing research methods are what set you apart (not to mention the proof in your work). Your willingness to help others, honest approach and guidance make a difference to allot of us. I truly appreciate what you do and enjoy the conversations ...
    Stay positive and continue forward with your research. Your efforts will be rewarded - Keep the Faith.

  10. Trailblazers are usually alone and lonely untiltheir final destination has been reached. Then with 20 / 20 hindsight of the journey taken and the results are irrefutable ..... then all those "who knew all along " how right you were will jump on your bandwagon and want to share your glory. (And money) Stay strong, independent and document your single path. You will succeed. Moses was in his 50's when he was used to split the Red Sea and 90 when he reached the promised land. You 'ge got plenty of time.

  11. Scott ....still have great respect and interest in everything you share with us . Just reading the previous comments , it seems many intelligent people do too . Keep up the good work ....you know what you see and find out there ...and we've seen some of it here on your site with you . Though it's not fully explainable , the evidence is right there ! Looking back on a previous blog archive .."Innocence Lost" ...the naysayers haven't had this experience , so they sit in their ignorant innocence, making statements that only make themselves look more uninformed ...and you look more informed . Keep up the good work ....really looking forward to every thing you share Scott !

  12. Scott...I enjoy reading your accounts a great deal...unfortunately,as in any walk of life and in my experience,those that like to think of themselves as "the pro`s" are very often blind fools and idiots...there`s no other word for it I`m afraid...what is even more unfortunate is that they are most often listened to and amateurs are ignored or pacified/humoured...we as a species live so far away from nature that it is impossible for most people to begin to imagine what is out there...I`m just glad you do what you do and are sharing the results...many thanks to you.

  13. Never mind Scott , you are in the best of company. Some of the most fascinating people with amazing insights were called that and worse.

  14. Hi there! ! I am new to your blog and I am really enjoying it. I think its fantastic that you are open to other cryptids. I will be checking back in frequently to read any updates. I too believe the world is a very strange place! :)