Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kicking off the Dogman Blog

Since this blog is dedicated to Bigfoot research I decided to create another blog dedicated to my experiences with the creature know as the Dogman. What is the Dogman you ask? It is a bi-pedal canine creature. It has a head that resembles a large dog or wolf. It has claws where it should have paws on its front legs. It stands between six and seven feet tall weighing in between 200 to 300 lbs. I encountered this creature purely by accident. I was not researching it or trying to find it, it found me and showed up on my back-trail footage.

I encourage you to visit this blog and look around if your interested in this subject. Though I do not research the Dogman specifically, it shows up from time to time as I research the Bigfoot. This blog allows me to post information about the Dogman for those who are interested.

Click here to go to the blog: Dogman The Monsters Are Real


  1. Scott,I would like to say,awesome,and would like to wish you good luck with this new project! To say I am excited,would be an understatement of epic proportions,,lol. I have no doubt,if you put half as much work into this,as your research with Bigfoot,it'll be a fantastic and educational look into something that interests many,and more than likely spooks us all. Thanks for taking this subject seriously Scott.

  2. Scott, after long and careful thought, I decided to express my feelings concerning your new blog, WHOOPEE.

    1. Old Man, all I have to say to that is Woooooo Hoooooo

  3. Hello Scott! I've just come across your blog but have very much admired your work for some time. Though I find it difficult to make out some of your reported Sasquatch faces, I must say I am finding the images more and more compelling all the time. The fact that you are dedicating work to dogmen is extremely exciting for me as this is a subject I am trying to learn more and more about all the time, so expect to hear a lot from me on this blog in future. I'm not sure if you have the time to respond on your past blogs (as I intend on checking out your past blogs) but I will comment on as much as possible as this entire subject thrills me to pieces and the fact that you personally respond to comments speaks volumes of your character and I'm sure you will help me learn loads, as unfortunately I live in a country with no reported wildmen for hundreds of years.
    Awesome blog!
    Joe, Wales, UK.