Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Gray Entity Lurking Behind Me.

I continue to review my research videos for the next volume of my research journal. In March of 2011 I capture a entity with gray hair and a flesh toned face. The subject was peeking from around a tree as I was walking down a hill away from its location. The HD back trail camera captured only a few frames as I walked away.

Below are the still captures of this grey entity. 

Full size frames of the subjects location:

Detail enlargements:


  1. Wow,this is very interesting. It has a distinct color! Hopefully as your reviewing more footage,this entity makes other appearances.

    1. I, too, saw the complete figure of a grey female Bigfoot. One night last fall, I went out after dark to make sure the chickens were all closed in. I try not to flash my light around, as I know they do not like flash lights. But it was if I was invited to lift my light and my hand rose shining directly on a "shorter" big foot, that was very obviously a female, silver hair and light colored face, looking directly at me. I dropped the light instantly. She was standing down hill on the east side of my garden next to a large douglas fir. The next day, when I showed my husband, we were both stunned to see that she had leaned a section of rotten log against the tree. When we did our own re-enactment, we guessed that she was under 6' tall. My sense was that she was older. Forty seasons was the phrase that came to my mind.

  2. Scott, your stuff just never ceases to amaze me. They really know you by now. They watch you constantly. Be safe!