Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Human Side Of Bigfoot - Comparing the Hairless "Patty" to East TN Bigfoot

There have been some very intriguing forensic sketches made of "Patty" the Bigfoot from the Patterson/Gimlin film. Harvey Pratt and Reuben Steindorf used two different methods to render images of what Patty would look like without hair. Both images are consistent with the DNA results that the Bigfoot is part human.

Harvey Pratt, a forensic sketch artist with over 42 years of law enforcement experience, created the hairless sketch by hand. He used techniques that are employed when removing hats, facial hair from a crime suspect. Reuben Steindorf used the transparency sketch to create a digital image of the hairless Patty. Both results were remarkable and add to the DNA results that the Bigfoot are part human.

Below is Steindorfs digital transformation of Patty:

Below is Harvey Pratt's hairless Patty:

It becomes even more interesting when you compare them together:

Now I am really going to blow your mind.  In 2010 I captured video of a Bigfoot hiding in a Laurel thicket. Though mostly ignored by the "powers that be" when you compare the actual still captures from my video to the hairless Patty, the general facial similarities are uncanny!

These images were captured over forty years apart and over a thousand miles apart yet the similarity in facial structure is amazing IMHO. So much is made that the Bigfoot of the West differ from the Bigfoot from the East but I beg to differ with that generalization. These distant cousins have much in common.


  1. Scott, this info is very informative and highly interesting. You have a wonderful blog that I truly enjoy. Keep up the good work!

  2. Any opinion on just what they are,gigantopithicus?A human offshoot,neanderthal?You've seen these things,what do you think?By the way,the laurels pic is miles ahead of patterson,gimlin and should go down as the best facial shot of bigfoot ever,its true proof of the existance of sasquatch and I believe wrongly and sadly overlooked.

    1. The DNA show they are a HUMAN Hybrid. mtDNA show human female mother but nuDNA shows unknown father (the DNA profile is not in GENBANK). I think they are some form of human.
      Thanks for saying that about the BF in the Laurels, I also think it is some of the best close up footage, but most people can not see the "forest for the trees".

    2. Thanks Joe,I'll take your opinion as you've seen them and have insight into the dna study,after talking to Erickson I fully accept it.The laurels speaks for itself with mouth open and closed it really is a case closed for evidence of sasquatch.Do you think Erickson will ever release his footage and have you ever gotten a chance to see it?

    3. Good question, he said he was going to release it after the DNA study was published but we are still waiting...

  3. Those massive jaws of thiers always show,an indicator of size

  4. great stuff, as always... fascinated by the "odd" occurrences... its like they are tinkering with your sanity...

  5. Harvey's work always tends to lean toward the human side
    of what we think of. Reuben's work seems to lean more to
    the hybrid side. Much was made of Patty's turn to look at Patterson. That being the whole upper torso turning not just the head. I wonder if the muscular/skeleton frame is actually to blame or it was just a habit of Patty alone. To me an ability to swivel one's head in an
    enviroment of heavy timber and brush would be very handy. Scott, has Harvey ever done a sketch from one of
    your photo's?

  6. Similarities are pretty amazing.

  7. Hey Scott you have to check out Mark Zaskey of Crypto Reality the comparisons are exactly of the images he has captured.