Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bigfoot Research - May/June 2013 Update

Research update from the National Park Location


  1. Scott,is this the same researching venture you mentioned a couple days ago,when you heard the voices? A huge question i was wondering,have you ever tried a audio recorder? maybe a mp3 or erc type with long power life placed high up somewhere?
    I know you mentioned apples. And of that,,IMHO,,I also believe in coincidences,but the two sticks,,well the odds on that may be too great. I personally don't see two sticks of that size,falling and landing parallel. So it'd have to be a person,or BF,,and I can't see anyone I know leaving a couple sticks in place of two random apples placed in the middle of nowhere. Good luck on your stick structure experiment. This is amazing!! One would think they would add to it,or tear it down perhaps? But taking that one stick,,I wonder what the meaning of that is??? Definitely strange!!, but that what they're notorious for,lol.

    1. Yes, same area where I heard the voices and I do not know what the meaning of the sticks is, could be anything or nothing, just their way of letting me know who took the apples...

    2. Wow. Hearing strange voices by stone ruins. That had to be intense!! Well,for the audio recorder idea,it may not work,now that Ive thought about it. One would reckon if this phenomena would/could be recorded,it would have been on your video. Who knows? Maybe if you still have these voices,and it will not take to the camcorder,maybe a decent dedicated audio recorder might produce results,,,that is IF the "entity's" have comfort in knowing no one is around to hear them.
      Btw,I may have confused the issue at the end of my comment,lol. The two sticks for the apples is amazing,no doubt. But what I was referring to,and have been thinking about this all day,lol,is the stick you said you always put in the top,as in balanced,and the BF(s) either remove it,break it,or carry it off somewhere else. Scott,it may be just me,but that's very interesting. As in Very. There could be many reasons they do this,I suppose. I've never seen a stick structure in person. But based on the many I've seen,ESP from your D.N.A Study Ebook,it looks as if BFs use these as blinds,as you've pointed out,and temporary shelters, but,,the others look,that don't have all the brush and etc,look all the world to me like symbols sometimes. Maybe like a territorial marking,or maybe even a Bigfoot mail box,where if another comes through,it can drop something there to show a meaning? Fascinating indeed Scott! The possibilitys are limitless and mind boggling!! Thanks.

  2. Great video update. When are you going back ?

  3. I never get tired of your videos in the timber since
    I can't walk there myself any more. The big guys must
    have accepted your presence and have a certain amount of
    trust towards you. Thanks again for your efforts.

  4. The Native American or First Nations people say that they traded with sasquatch. Maybe this is what they are doing. If so it shows intelligence, which has already been documented.