Friday, May 17, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Samuria Chatter and Chanting

These are voice clips from MK Davis. They were recorded over a 10 year period in Texas. The first clip is what is known as "Samurai Chatter". The second is a very interesting chant.


  1. If in deed that is a chant, and it certainly
    sounds like one, this opens a new dimension to
    what we may think about these beings. Given that
    the act of chanting usually is done with a inner
    belief system or religion, this seems to agree
    with a being that does have a language and able
    to conveigh thought beyond basic animal needs.

  2. Based on my personal experience and the DNA results they are a human hybrid. They have extremely high intelligence and posses a language and can understand and speak other languages. Of course this is my opinion.

  3. One additional thought I have is that the sound of the
    chanting may just be a form of mimicry. For those who
    find the idea of bigfoot having a belief system similiar
    to ours too hard to handle (I don't). This chanting could be passed down though generations, possibly as a
    result of hearing Native Americans performing the act.
    The chanting may be a result of bigfoot merely repeating
    a sound and not fully comprehending its meaning. Just one more question to be answered.

  4. Reminds me of a show the history channel had on about the monks in Tibet.Sounds just like the vocal chatting they did.

  5. I got that "uneasy" feeling and my dog started barking when I played this. I wonder if any infrasound is going on here as well?

  6. Ok,for some reason,the more quite,soft vocalizations,mutterings,etc that have been recorderd over the years,and especially in M.K's videos,tend to unnerve me more than full out screams and yells. I don't understand it,and can't put it into detail. But it just freaks me out. The one that was recorded at night entering a chicken coop,was so strange and interesting,yet Erie. And I agree with Tim,,very much like Monk Chant. Wow. Thats one to think about,.,
    One can't help but to consider,if one takes this legacy seriously,that for these beings to have eluded mankind (excluding our Native American friends,it is of no doubt to most of us,they not only knew about The Boss of the Woods,The Big Man with a Little Hat,OH-Mah,etc,but knew more detailed information hundreds of years ago,and even most tribes knew the habits and haunts of!!) for so long now,by all means except for extremely dedicated individuals that provide many forms of evidence,or accidently being photographed by ordinary persons,that these beings would have to have ways of communication. To me,this video and a few more,prove that,at least personally.