Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Site Updates - New Photos and Features

Check out the new photographs and features recently added to The Bigfoot Field Journal

New Still Captures:


New Page - Bigfoot and "Stealth Mode"


New Vocalizations Added


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  1. Your story about Jim Vieira and the giants with double row of teeth reminded me of a story from Bobbie Short's BF Encounters. A truck driver, in the SW I think, said he slowed down and stopped his truck for what turned out to be a baby BF who stubbornly would not get out of the road. The male bigfoot came out to get the baby out of the road. While the driver sat in the truck waiting with window down, a female BF came up to him and stroked his long beard as if thanking him. She smiled? and he said he noticed a dental anomaly in that she had a double row of teeth. Interesting. By the way, in your last analysis of the BF behind you, I noticed several faces, especially a good profile of one in the upper left when you isolated on the face in the center. Check it out. Question: Are you filming in the GSM NP ?