Monday, April 22, 2013

Watching the Watchers

I continue my series on advanced research concepts with the following video.



  1. Awesome as usual Scott. Man, go get a Primos Hoot Flute at Bass Pro or Academy Sports for about $5. I've been using one for over two years with excellent results. I have a hard time imitating a barred owl by blowing into my hands, but this thing is a breeze and sounds very real and loud. In your years of research have you ever noticed a change in their behavior with the change in moon phases? I'm starting to notice a possible pattern in activity in my area...

    1. I carried an owl hooter for years while turkey
      hunting. For those who don't know, the idea is to
      get the male turkey (gobbler) to do what is called
      "shock Gobble" in order for the hunter to locate it. However, given enough exposure, I think the birds get used to the calls. Therefore I changed to an Olt goose call to do the same thing. Really,
      I think any loud easy to blow call may work, but as anything there is too much of a good thing.

    2. Yep, that's exactly the type owl call I use. The Primos one is super easy to learn and use. After having a very odd sounding crow caw at me from the woods behind my house around 2 am one night, I purchased a crow call too. Haven't mastered that one yet that's for sure! What I've been doing since I started trying to get to know and gain the trust of the bigfoot in the area I research is always announce my presence when I arrive by blowing the barred owl call once I'm in the woods. I'm sure they probably already know I'm there, but its a respect thing. I continue to use the call occasionally during my visit too. That along with my best "attempt" at a screech owl call. Many times I get calls in return along with movement or if at night eyeglow may show up. I guess the owl calls are just my signature way of saying its me. The other night while I was there I actually called up a real barred owl and it sat up in a tree close by as we called back and forth. The whole time I had that gut feeling the big guys were watching the show as one had whistled at me about an hour earlier. That was the first time this had happened when I actually felt like they were there which is something I'd been wanting to happen for quite awhile. My hope is that they may feel less threatened by me if they see me relating to nature in that way. Possibly see me in a different light than the typical human. One that is "in touch with nature" if you will. We'll see what happens...

    3. Years ago, (at my age all my stories start that
      way), I was camping by myself while turkey hunting. Around midnight I was walking away from
      camp and the lantern light. The whip-o-wills were
      fired up and soon the three barred owls chimed in
      which seemed to be about 100yds. apart from each
      other. After the "who cooks for you all" routine
      they each went into the monkey laugh. Considering
      it was in the same area where I once found a large human type footprint in a rather odd location, I always questioned if the "owls" had
      feathers on them. Greg, Your 2am crow call is
      very interesting.

    4. Greg, if you have the time or inclination, you
      might try a silent dog wistle to get a response
      which hopefully will be a pleasant response.
      It would be a simple test of bigfoot's hearing
      capability. Maybe we could add advanced hearing
      to infra-red sight, ultra-sound production, and
      stealth capability to these simple forest dwellers.

    5. I have one, just forgot it, so was using my hands

  2. Thank you for allowing us to walk in the woods with you today. It is so fun to see the things you try with the big guys can't wait to see what their reactions will be, really love the balancing stick thing that is intriguing. Do you think they are more responsive when you have your children with you. Stories I have read seem to say they are more drawn to women and children. In your experience do you think there is anything to that? So hard to believe such big creatures can hide so well in the woods. It is just amazing.

  3. Thanks again, Scott. These strategy videos are fascinating. Can I ask whether you're near the Newfoundland Gap (my guess from limited knowledge of the area)?

  4. Thanks for sharing Scott. I'm really looking forward to all these advanced techniques! I got a kick out of your comment,about some people coming your way,and you had to put the camera down. I wonder how they would feel about their hike,if they knew a "fairytale" or "misidentification" is laying on the hillside,just yards from them,watching them stroll by,,,lol.

  5. Here is the skeleton of a little guy. It's only 6 inches tall.

    He described Ata to Open Minds as: “A strange skeleton, no bigger than 15cm [the size of a pen]. “It was a creature with hard teeth, a bulging head with an additional odd bulge on top. It’s body was scaly and of dark colour. Unlike humans, it had nine ribs.” Gary Nolan, director or stem cell biology at Stanford University’s School of Medicine in California, told the Huffington Post: “Obviously it was breathing, it was eating, it was metabolising. “It calls into question how big the thing might have been when it was born.”

    Many years ago, I remember reading about this Mummy being found:

    In contrast, there is at least one corpse of an incredible North America mini-humanoid on record that has been formally examined by scientists - but all to no avail, as it turned out.

    Its extraordinary history began one day in October 1932, when gold-prospectors Cecil Main and Frank Carr blasted a hole through the wall of a ravine in the San Pedro Mountains, about 65 miles southwest of Casper, Wyoming - and made a momentous discovery. The wall had been hiding a cavern, which contained a small ledge. And sitting on the ledge, in cross-legged pixie-like pose, with its arms folded across its chest, was the mummy of a diminutive humanoid figure, with a sitting height of less than 7 in and a total height of only 14 in.

    It's an interesting website with lot of crypto creature.