Thursday, April 18, 2013

This Is Just CREEPY!!

This is just creepy! In the Dogman footage there is a frame where the creature has its head back. The snout is easily visible but what is disturbing to me is the eye. When the still capture is adjusted for brightness, contrast, and sharpness this eye comes into focus. The Dogman has a white sclera around a small, black, "beady" looking iris.  This just gives me chills.


  1. Ok, we all have had a little time to let the
    concept of a dogman type creature sink in. Does
    any one have an opinion of an orgin for the little rascal? Are we talking interdimensional,
    Outer Space visitor, just a freak of nature, or
    product of Purina Dog Chow research gone wrong?

  2. @ old man... there is a cemetary just yards away from where scott had the encounter... i find it very off that the dogman has an uncanny resemblence to anubis, the egyptian god that guards the dead and is the god of embalming....

    @scott whats more creepy is what might be going thru its mind as that iris is focused on YOU!!!!! tpm

    1. Anubis - That's very interesting. Here is some more information I found.

      "In the Sumerian civilization, predating the Egyptians, their epic poem Epic of Gilgamesh describes a dream of Gilgamesh where the hero is drawn irresistibly to a heavy star that cannot be lifted despite immense effort. This star descends from heaven to him and is described as having a very potent essence and being "the God of heaven". Gilgamesh had for his companions, 50 oarsmen in the great ship, Argo, a constellation bordering Canis Major, where Sirius is found.

      Ancient Egyptians called Sirius the 'Dog Star', after their god Anubis, whose head in pictograms resembled that of a doglike animal (a jackal). In Egypt, Sirius shines for most of the summer, and since it is such a bright star, the Egyptians actually believed that the additional light from this nearby star was responsible for the summer heat. This of course is not true. However the origin of the phrase 'the dog days of summer' comes from this ancient belief - the 'dog star' being the root of this common saying!

      The Hopi name for the star Sirius is Blue Star Kachina. "

  3. While the resemblence to Anubius is quite evident, what
    would be the reason for it's manifestation in the New
    World. Even the Hopi word Kachina seems to refer a doll
    resembling a known entity or person.

    1. Where did the Hopi get their knowledge of Sirius? It is a knowledge they shared with the Egyptians, and Sumerians. The Sumerians describe the creation of Mankind by the Annunaki - GENETIC ENGINEERING - as well as many other creatures and chimeras. The Dogman would be such a creature. In an earlier post, there was a link to Lloyd Pye and his intervention theory. You will need to investigate and study these areas for yourself, if you find them intriguing.

      Here is the Hopi Blue Star Prophecy:

      Here is a book you might find interesting - my local library had a copy.

      "Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men" by Dr. Joseph A Farrell

      I would also recommend "Earth Under Fire" by Dr. Paul LaViolette - Poke around on his site and see if there is anything that interests you.

      It's not necessarily what you don't know - it's what you've been taught that ain't so.

  4. theres an old inxs song, OLD WORLD,NEW WORLD. id be careful labeling items old world or new, perhaps not all entities are so inclined to distinguish between the two. I certainly find it VERY peculiar that a dog-headed entity lurks around burial grounds in north America or Egypt. its no secret that they've been unearthing burial mounds ns fixtures in north American that date 5000 years plus... they might actually make Egyptian seem "old world"...

    1. Here is an interesting interview about the Giants of North America and the structures they built.

      Stone Builders, Mound Builders and the Giants of Ancient America

  5. I have no problem with any of the theories presented.
    And I certainly have no problem rejecting many of the
    things I heard in school (just ask my instructors if any
    are still alive), But getting back to the dogman, if we
    had such a problem justifing bigfoot's existence with a
    much longer history and eyewitness accounts, dogman presents a problem with a shorter history and much fewer
    eyewitness accounts. It would seem that the Star People
    if you will, are still playing games with the genetic
    blueprints on this planet.

    1. I don't think mainstream science accepts Bigfoot as a legitimate being - nor do we know how many types of these beings there are.

      Dr. Ketchum has other DNA - which is supposed to be Dogman. Dogman has been around for a long time. My friend saw one in the 1980's on his way to Whitewater WI. Here is an interview with Linda Godfrey:

      She lives in Kettle Moraine, WI. Lots of Dogmen and Bigfoot sightings are around there. Here is her blog:

      Dogman's existence is NEW to YOU, not history.

      This is similar to what my friend saw cross the road - walking like a man.

    2. I am familiar with Linda Godfrey. I met her at
      a book signing several years ago. Nice lady. I have her latest work as well. By history I was referring to fact that there seems to be no referrence in Native American lore concerning the
      dogman. With the exception of the Navajo skinwalkers which seem be be a form of witchcraft. Of course, the dogman as we know it
      may also be a result of witchcraft. This can sure
      get complicated. I guess you can pick your own
      poison as the saying goes.

    3. A Skinwalker would be a Shapeshifter. There is a picture of one on the cover of the book "Witiku - The Shape Shifter" by David Walks-as-Bear. On the book cover there is a picture of a shape shifter, which is split down the middle - one half a Natvie American and the other is a Wolf.

      At Skinwalker Ranch, NIDS witnessed what they believed to be hyper-dimensional portals into other realities open and beings like Bigfoot emerge from them. There are plenty of stories about Bigfoot's disappearing, or trackways mysteriously ending.

    4. TSE,there is a fascinating article on the North American Bigfoot Search site,entitled Vanashing Bigfoot. It's one of the best I've read on this often frustrating trait.

  6. Werewolves. I know this does not count in our Native American friends legends and history's. But in many other countries,the stories and accounts go back very,very far. There is a chilling account,that's been written about a few times,about such a beast in France,that killed many people. The Beast of Gevaudan. The werewolf predates any "man made" monster by a long shot. Possibly,what Scott,and many others has seen,or encountered,is what we are looking at,and responsible for century's of fear and tales.
    And as were on the subject of books,I've been reading a great one,that's definitly opened my mind,and has givin me much to mull over. It's called "Caverns,Cauldrons and Concealed Creatures,,A Study of Subteranian Mysteries in History,Folklore and Myth" by Wm. Michael Mott.
    Halfway thro it now,I can definitly recommend it already. This is an outstanding book,and it brings much to the table,in ways of explaing possible scenarios,etc.
    Thanks for this interesting close up Scott! This never ceases to amaze me. And I'm glad to see so many great and thoughtful comments here.
    IMO,this whole Dogman mystery is quite unique. If mainstream science scoffs at Bigfoot,they are going to absolutely freak out over this,,lol. But,like Scott has said,that's where we all fit. This field,or arena of study,witch I guess would be termed as Cryptozoology,requires a lot of effort on ones part,to be able to think unconventionaly,outside the box. And nerves of steel is nice as well,lol. Mine are not as good as they used to be,and I get out of sorts occasionally,but that may be a heathly response to fear. And we all know what a great motivater that can be.

  7. When will your next book be coming out with the experiences you have had with the Dogman? Very interested in what you have learned about Dogman and if there is any evidence that has been processed on its DNA.
    So curious about possible similarities/differences between Dogman and Bigfoot if any and what they are.