Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Advanced Concepts - Deception - Back Trail Footage

I discussed in part one the use of the back trail camera. It is a invaluable tool in Bigfoot research. During my review of the back trail video I discover what appears to be a Bigfoot crawling on the ground behind me. The Big guy has reddish brown hair and gray skin.

This is one of those videos that is not crystal clear. I only capture two seconds of the Bigfoot and only about 45 frames are clear enough to be recognizable. This is a research video and of course "proves" nothing. It is not meant to prove anything. It is an excellent example of just one of the methods the Bigfoot employ to follow a person. This is the first time I have ever captured a Bigfoot crawling on the ground!

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 Mouth Movement

Mouth Movement


  1. You are amazing, Scott, thank you so much for pointing out the parts of the face so I can "see" what you are seeing. I have such a difficult time seeing the faces in the leaves etc but when you point out the parts of the face it is so clear. Thanks once again for sharing so much with everyone. I for one am truly grateful. Great to see you in the field again.

  2. That last frame on the video is awesome. You can see the whites of both eyes.

  3. Did it again,,outstanding Scott!! Yes,I agree with Brent,,the eyes are flat out amazing. Like most of your footage,when broke down,and zoomed in,I don't see a rabid group of skeptics howling about this footage either!!
    Blobsquatches? Yes,it seems like i recall that term,but can't remember the true definition. I think I've grown so used to seeing the real deal on here for so long,I can't remember the days I used to have to stare,and blink,and stare some more,,and then wonder "could that blur of brown fur in that brush,100 plus yards away be a running Sasquatch,,or possibly a slow kangaroo?!? It could also be Chevy Chase and Bill Murray. Rats,too close to call!!" LOL!!
    Thanks Scott,once again, for the long,hard hours in the brush,and for making results,and positive contributions to the arena,instead of causing trouble and creating drama,,,and choosing to help and inspire others with your knowledge,instead of using a camera to rant and rave,gossiping,and etc,,that is still sadly a priority of a few "professional researcher" sites.

  4. I am glad I found this post. A few months ago my daughter came home from school (1st grade) and told me her friend said a bigfoot touched her family's car on vacation. So then I had to explain what a bigfoot is, best accomplished via videos on the web, documentaries, etc. It was fun for me too, it had been years since I read much on the topic. I am amazed at how much is out there now, with all of the tech gadgets commonly available.

    Anyhow, as a former Marine sniper and biology major, seeing their movement in the vast continuum of bigfoot videos and hearing the witness accounts of their behavior, I have to admit I have chuckled more than a few times, thinking these beings would have graduated sniper school with honor. They cover all of the core evasive and concealment techniques: diffuse your outline, do not move, move slow, stay low, layered concealment (i.e. do not hide behind a rock, hide behind a rock that is behind a bush that is behind a tree that is behind 4 other things), watch, listen, watch, listen, move an inch, watch, listen, etc.

    I hear people in some of these bigfoot shows wonder how such a large creature could still be largely undiscovered today. Any Marine sniper can answer that question. “Easy, just move and behave exactly like all of the videos and witnesses show us they are moving and behaving.” In addition to the natural advantages, fur (no ghillie suit needed!), the head-neck-shoulder outline (already diffused from the typical outline our eyes are trained to seek), they live their whole lives in the wild, they know their territory (it is their yard), most people vastly over estimate their ability to observe the hidden, in nature, or anywhere.

    Once during a stalking exercise another Marine actually walked on me, he stepped right on the back of my leg, right above the knee. He never saw me. I remember once hearing another sniper near me, who I knew was near me, but I could not see him, even with all of the observation training. We started whispering to each other, laughing quietly that neither of us could see the other. When we finally did, we realized we were about 4 feet apart…no embellishment whatsoever. Then we really laughed about it later.

    Seeing your photos of a bigfoot stalking does not surprise me at all. I hope to see it myself someday.