Monday, April 15, 2013

Bigfoot Research - Advanced Concepts - Deception

I often use deception as a part of my research. I will place a back trail on my shoulder then go out and do an activity other than researching. I am a avid hunter so many times during my hunting trips I will place the back trail camera on and then enjoy my day hunting. I hope that I may fool the Bigfoot and its curiosity will get the best of it. The below video is a demonstration of this technique. The footage is from an turkey hunting outing on 04/14/2013.

 The technique may have paid off. During the review of my back trail video I found what looks like a Bigfoot crawling along the ground behind me.


  1. Replies
    1. I was on the trail of 2 when it started to pour rain, so not on this trip. I have them scouted out just have not been able to call them in. They are not real frisky yet, not answering calls.

  2. It appears "they" accept you in their territory. I dont recall you mentioning being growled or screamed at. When you first arrived there, did they attempt to drive you out with tree shakes or growls/ screams or rock throwing?

    1. I was zapped really bad my first day there in 2009, but I think I just got to close. They have never been aggressive toward me. I have been giving them food and they have in-turn given me many gifts....

    2. Well that seems clear that the zapping or feeling of being watched is a defensive mechanism.

  3. That's a good question Deadhead. Scott,I've also seen in past posts,you've mentioned they sometimes interfere with your deer hunting. Have you ever had one take a deer after you shot it? That seems to be a major characteristic of sightings in WV that makes believers real quick,lol. I talked to a guy,last year,that seen a huge BF stalking two does in the next county from ours. His son also seen it,he was in a up in a tree stand about 200 yards around the ridge. He was blown away,by how massive this being was,and how it was able to move so quietly.