Monday, April 1, 2013

In the Cryptid World Truth is Stranger than Fiction

I have been getting some very interesting comments since I released the footage of the "Dogman" and its little friend. I am not the only one to experience creatures that defy explanation. One of my readers "Old Man" posted this interesting account on my blog.

It's time for my strange story. About 20 years ago my father was still alive and living on the property he bought for a retirement home. He kept about 20 sheep to help maintain the pasture. All was fine till the coyotes moved in and slowly killed them off. When they get a hold of a sheep they make a mess. One day Dad said he was missing a sheep again and we walked the pasture fully expecting to see the results of another coyote kill. We didn't, at least I don't think we did. On the opposite side of the fence on the neighbors property, a heavy wooded pasture, we found the contents of a sheep's stomach. No wool, no head, no hoofs, no ribcage, nothing but the contents of the stomach. It was as if something had picked up the animal and squeezed the animal until the contents of the animal were expelled. The carcass was never found. Explain that if you can.

Another reader Sean from Australia had this to say:

 Ive spoken with Aboriginal people here in Australia who have told me about their encounters with crocodile-men who walk on 2 legs and have the head of a crocodile. It sounds outrageously unbelievable but I found their testimony very believable, I could tell these guys weren't lying and they really saw something incredible. What that was I dont know...

These anthropomorphic animals are found in all human mythology, maybe there is something more to this than myth and legend?

The book "Hunt for the Skin Walker" speaks of such creatures as well. This book was written by George Knapp and Colm A. Kelleher, PhD. 

For many this footage has been a huge shock to the system, one commenter who had arignally not been very happy with my announcement I would post the video had the following to say:

Steven Ray - via YouTube
"Alright Scott, I know this had to be hard for you to post..due to all the skeptism and negativity out there. I was until after seeing this. If I had'nt seen it I wouldn't believe it. Brother you should watch your back out there and not just rely on the camera. BIGFOOT=YES DOGMAN=VERY POSSIBLE"

I have been fotrunate and it has been over a year since I have encountered any sign of this creature and to be frank I hope it stays that way!



  1. There are alternate views of human history, and some would argue that the events chronicled in the tablets left by the Sumerians were describing actual events.

    On the Gate of Ishtar, surrounded by animals, (some extinct) that we would recognize, is the Sirrush. Was it real or imagined?

    Might human beings be a product of genetic engineering? The Sumerians would say yes. The Sumerians described all sorts of chimeras - which modern humans, through genetic engineering, are beginning to create.

    Here is an interesting read by Joseph Farrell, "Genes, Giants, Monsters, and Men: The Surviving Elites of the Cosmic War and Their Hidden Agenda".

    "Consider the possibility that the history of the human race is not as simple as what has been taught in classroom textbooks. Consider the possibility that the evolutionary scientific explanation for mankind has ignored critical facts that are buried deep within the fossils and mankind's DNA. Consider the possibility that the religious stories that have often been the core basis for mankind's understanding of where it belongs in the history of creation may actually reveal a planet occupied with tyrannical giants and an elite highly intelligent race bent on genetic mutation."

    Anything is possible with genetic engineering, and Dogmen are very likely along with everything else in between.

  2. TSE, I think what you said is spot on. For way too long
    we have listened to stories that don't add up. And it's
    time to rethink out notion of history. Not to throw out
    the baby with the bathwater, but examine all the stories
    that our professors have been ramming down our throats
    with no basis in reality.

  3. We are definitely living in interesting times. I have been following many different arenas of research,when I can. Bigfoot and Dogmen/Skinwalkers are the most interesting to me,personally. When you start to branch out,and look at other work and studies being done,its mind blowing.
    It's confusing,why mainstream science,and the media treats so much of these phenomena with disdain,or as a joke. Anyone who's experienced any of these sightings,encounters and such,will tell its a life changing event,and they usually aren't laughing. I'm sure you know this feeling better than me.
    IMO,,it seems like science,and the majority of the critics of cryptids/paranormal events,are working harder to debunk or refute,or just plain deny,than to swallow their pride,put egos aside,and work with the ones who are giving the evidence they've claimed that they(scientists) need to look into these matters. It may be more complicated. One thing is for sure,you don't need 6 Ph.D's to see there is strangeness everywhere.
    Your reference to "Hunt for the Skinwalker",(witch I own,thanks to a reference on an outstanding BF research blog) has definitly opened my eyes. I recommend it highly,but to read with an open mind.
    As fascinating and amazing as your footage is,,it must be a relief to know these entity's have moved on,and I'm glad to hear it also. I used to beat through the brush without a care in the world,looking for the big man,,now I use considerable more caution. And I advise everyone I know,to do the same.

  4. Robbie, regarding your comment about Phd's, I was always
    under the impression that it stood for " Piled Higher and Deeper ". But my daughter who is currently finishing
    up on her master's degree informs me it stands for......
    " Permanent Head Damage ". It only cost me about $50,000
    for her to learn that.

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  6. Look dont be so quick to rubbish science, it has bought untold benefits to humanity and should be respected. I am currently working on my second science degree so obviously I have a lot of faith in the scientific method, however I dont believe science has all the answers, or CAN give us all the answers. Its a way of looking at the reality of nature but is limited by our current understanding and knowledge.

    This isnt a weakness but a strength, because science has to continue to look for the answers and if that requires discarding long held and loved ideas then thats what science will do, and has done throughout its modern history. Its a path towards something that we cant even conceive of yet and thats were it differs from religions and other beliefs which hold that they have the absolute truth. IMV they are the two wings of the bird that keeps it aloft and flying steadily.

    If Dr Ketchums findings are valid then its science that will determine that and that will lead to a massive paradigm shift for our knowledge of the universe and our place in it.

    There are exciting times ahead!

    *Previous comment deleted and edited due to embarrassing spelling mistakes*

    1. I agee with you Sean there are exciting times ahead.

      N = R* • fp • ne • fl • fi • fc • L We are NOT alone. Life exists in our own backyards!

      Dr. Melba & NABS researchers have proved it. The question IMO now becomes "What are we going to do with the information we have?" "What is the hopes, the goals of knowing that another species exists?

  7. Scott, I know you have done some research on the Native Americans in the area, when you posted your greetings sign. If you have a Cherokee friend ask or look up on the internet Wendigo & Yv-wi tsun-sdi (Little People) you might find some answers there.
    Also, I am missing Unknown "Granny" have you heard from her? I am missing her comments.
    Thank you for the thrill! Hiking will never be the same.

  8. grammy here: thanks, missin misty, for missing me too. i'm having silly senior problems. i've moved in to a senior facility where we don't yet have our own internet hookup, so i have to use the communal computers. so far, i have been inhibited from commenting; it's something in the windows programming, i think. or else the management has tried to prevent mischief. anyway, i'm getting enormous delight out of the current news! thank you, scott!! and if this comment gets through, i'll be chattering again. grammy