Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ketchum DNA Study - More Positive Scientific Review

Dr. Ketchum made this announcement on her FaceBook Page:

March 31, 2013
We have more support from PhDs coming in all the time as well as some good and honest reviews. We are collecting them for a new press release and will release their names at that time. Maybe the world will start to acknowledge our terrific paper and our Nobel worthy discovery at that time!


  1. Nice to see some of these experts leaving the mainstream bias attitude to take their heads out of the sand and look at scientific evidence on a new species here in North America . Looking forward to the day when Dr. Ketchum and others in the Sasquatch field get their due respect and acknowledgement . Thanks for the update Scott..

  2. I quit keeping my fingers crossed awhile back,lol. From what I understand,all over the community,and some that may not agree with some aspects,the main vibe IMO seems the work is solid,and in time will be,well,,in the books. History books. That's awesome. Thanks for the good news!