Friday, March 29, 2013

The Dogman - The "Entity"

What is this? Where did it come from? Why is it on the Dogman's shoulder? The more I look at this the more I wonder. Readers have suggested an infant or even a extraterrestrial biological entity. Will we ever know?


  1. i was only looking at the "nose" part of this entity. it could be a dog man rider, master or even a puppy riding on its mothers back. or maybe there were two of them? one big and one small, maybe it was a dog man parent teaching its little one how to sneak up on his prey? keep your wits about you out there! i have this uneasy feeling something bad will happen to you.

  2. Ok,my friend,were getting into some tall weirdness,and high strangeness here.
    Ugh. I have to admit,this is troubling. Knowing your work that I've followed for a while now Scott,and all factors added,I feel comfortable stating for the record I am looking at an entity known as "Dogman". Yes, I can handle that. Little unnerving,but I'd rather know,from someone reliable,about this,and even better,knowing that(thankfully! We can't lose you Scott. Seriously,,after getting used to seeing so many great photos and video clips of BF in their environment,all the knowledge and info youve gained and graciously shared in the true spirt of understanding and inspiring others,,And for your family and friends,be careful out there!) you've survived not one,two,but multiple encounters with these entity's.
    Witch brings up another interesting,but way out there speculation I've had since you posted this footage. Here it is,,,,
    Could it be possible,that your positive interaction with the Multiple Bigfoot in your research area ( as in feeding stations,exchange of gifts,and IMO a very important aspect for anyone to learn,that you and a few other dedicated researchers have pioneered,showing respect,curiosity,and peace,instead of bringing 29 people,kicking down the BFs door,and demanding a photo session,a few good growls and screams,and give the rest of the group time to upload their BF photos to Facebook,or even worse,going in al a Rambo,shooting at anything,even a "monster,,kinda waving its hands above its head,") Has impacted these Dogmen? In the future,if such a thing can be observed or understood somehow,it would be fascinating to see if there is a relationship here,between these two heavy weights of the wilderness. Do they co-exsist? Do they avoid each other like plague? Or,if foul luck strikes,and they cross paths,,is it a fight to the death,and for what reasons?
    Even still,,bare with me,but this has been keeping me awake,, knowing now Bigfoot are very closely related to us,and I would bet Dogman,not so much. Is it possible Dogmen,(I've only researched Dogman entity's for four months or so now,online and every kindle,e-book,etc i can get,,its always reported they do like to chase humans with out attacking, grimace anyone outside their window,anywhere,anytime,causing pure terror,and give mild heart spasms and horrendous nitemares to unlucky late nite drivers,,I've never came across a confirmed case of a Dogman attack ending in death) may not like humans,consider us a enemy(maybe even our definition of loving a dog,and caring for it like a member of the family could be seen as torture or cruelty to them??) OR the worst scenario,,as long as a human is alone,perhaps lost,sick,,,just another meal?? It's been said theres never been a confirmed dogman attack resulting in death,but,,I'd say it may look like a wolf,dog,or possible bear kill,if the crime scene was too brutal,,and no one witnessed the attack,and the detectives do not suspect anything other than a normal animal. And,finally,,if a Bigfoot is in the area,and sees a Dogman displaying ill intent toward a human,,will the Bigfoot intervene,and try to stop the attack,or would he not care,like the deplorable "better thee than me" stance?
    Sorry for a long winded comment,and yes,I do apologize for not addressing the topic posted,Scott,witch I did notice. Frankly,I'm wore out by all these implications and speculations mentioned above,and to deal with the possibility that this gruesome fairy tale turned real may have something riding on its shoulder,with an agenda we may never understand,,.nope. I don't want to even ponder. For now..
    Thanks for sharing this. Take care out there.

  3. It's time for my strange story. About 20 years ago my
    father was still alive and living on the property he bought for a retirement home. He kept about 20 sheep to
    help maintain the pasture. All was fine till the coyotes
    moved in and slowly killed them off. When they get ahold
    of a sheep they make a mess. One day Dad said he was missing a sheep again and we walked the pasture fully
    expecting to see the results of another coyote kill. We
    didn't, at least I don't think we did. On the opposite
    side of the fence on the neighbors property, a heavy wooded pasture, we found the contents of a sheep's stomach. No wool, no head, no hoofs, no ribcage, nothing
    but the contents of the stomach. It was as if something
    had picked up the animal and squeezed the animal until
    the contents of the animal were expelled. The carcass
    was never found. Explain that if you can.

    1. it could have been poachers, if i can even call it that. it does sound weird though..

    2. Old Man,that's spooky. Yet hauntingly familler. Awhile back,I read a very credible,well researched case,in the extreme north(I think,sorry for lack of details,) that describes a similar case.
      And if anyone's not had the pleasure,,"The Hunt for the Skinwalker,Science Confronts the unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah" by Colm A. Keller,Ph.D,and(my personal favorite radio personality,) George Knapp,IMO, will definitely give someone much to consider. I've read it twice,a month ago,and I am still stunned,but fascinated.

    3. Robbie, as one who grew up on a cattle and
      grain farm, the events described in the "Hunt for the Skinwalker" are stranger than you can imagine. Knowing how cattle react to anything unusual I can attest to the fact that these folks had their hands full. Since Scott has brought forth his Dogman evidence, I think it's time for all
      of us to put on our puzzle solving caps and
      see what shakes out.

    4. Well,glad to have met you Mr Old Man. I've read many of your posts here. Bout all ive seen have been insightful,questioning,and respectful. And that's awesome in my book.
      Well,you are correct,100%. I have read the work.reread it two days later. Fear,when I got to the Wolf incident,that took me back a bit. Read again. we go! And,whew. I think overdosed,of weirdness would best explain my misfiring state of mind.
      And for the puzzle solving hats,well,,yes,I would be honored,and glad to have an opportunity to discuss,well,strangeness,creatures,.

  4. Ive spoken with Aboriginal people here in Australia who have told me about their encounters with crocodile-men who walk on 2 legs and have the head of a crocodile. It sounds outrageously unbelievable but I found their testimony very believable, I could tell these guys werent lying and they really saw something incredible. What that was I dont know...

    These anthropomorphic animals are found in all human mythology, maybe there is something more to this than myth and legend?

    Your videos are food for thought as always Scott.

  5. Sean, glad to hear from Australia. I think the stories
    you hear are true. The same way I think the dogman stories are true. If you will bear with me here, these
    stories are in fact, in my mind, connected and could be
    one and the same. These beings may be using a form of
    camoflage, if you will, to gain an acceptance to the folks they run into. Dogman here, Crocodile men in your
    country, the jackal being of ancient Egypt all point to
    a form of visitation from beings that may not be from
    around here. Are they real? Not only yes, but hell yes.
    Is this just an old man's babble? Maybe, but the time
    has long passed since we should be just be debating whether they are real and what they are and where they
    come from. Sorry Scott, if you didn't want to go here.
    After all it is your site. But soon these questions will
    be asked and need to be answered.

    1. Another from Australia here. Old Man, my suspicion is that they (the entities) couldn't care less about gaining acceptance. They don't need our acceptance. They want us to believe they don't exist. But I agree with you insofar as these entities are all part of the same set & I wrote as much in a comment of earlier tonight in another of Scott's Blogs (about the Dog Men)

      Since the dawn of Time, all cultures have told within their oral histories tales of unearthly creatures. Later they wrote about them & both written and oral histories have been handed down to us in the guise of 'fairy stories' & as 'superstitions', 'myths', 'legends' family tales & religious lore, etc.

      Our ancestors were not idiots. They were no more credulous than we are. They were practical folk, of necessity. They had to do it all, build it all, grow it all, from scratch. No tv to addle their brains. No books either, until relatively recently. No commercial radio transmissions, no computers or wifi to interfere with the working of their minds. No preservatives or pharmaceuticals. And they experienced or saw the very same things that continue to confound us today. They developed means via which to protect themselves from these entities, until organised religion destroyed their beliefs

      Close to 30 years ago I saw & experienced creatures, small ones, which supposedly existed only in 'fairy stories' & which are acknowledged these days in very few places on earth. No computers back then so I searched books for confirmation & information.

      It took years for me to discover confirmation & in the process I learned that virtually every culture on earth knew of the creatures I'd seen. Hawaiians, Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, the peoples of Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, almost everywhere in South America, etc. had at one time treated the entities as 'real'. And most of those people had feared the creatures, which confirmed the total terror I'd experienced myself

      The Native Americans feared the small, humanoid entities & left gifts for them so the entities would not destroy their crops. They forbade their children to enter any form of communication with the entities - which strongly suggests any form of communication is dangerous for humans. The people of the old British Isles feared the small entities to such degree that they referred to them as The Gentry & other flattering terms so as not to anger them. Again, the people of the old British Isles were tough. They had to be. Yet they feared entities which appeared small - from an inch to a few feet tall. Clearly, those old folk knew .. had learned .. that spears, axes, knives & clubs were no defence against the 'wee folk'. And the wee-folk are simply another manifestation of the genre along with 'big foot' and all varieties of non-human entities/shape-shifters

      We might believe we've moved on & progressed past the supposedly superstitious nonsense of our ancestors. But in reality, the same entities which plagued and terrified our forebears are still here. They must enjoy the fact that we consider ourselves 'too sophisticated', 'too evolved', 'too intelligent', 'too sceptical' to believe in them.

      We are simply relearning what our ancestors saw, knew & experienced. Our ancestors (were we able & prepared to hear them) would warn us to stay away from these supposedly 'non existent' entities, for they are no friends to mankind and never were


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  8. This link above describes in detail the killing of a family of four at Land Between the Lakes (LBL). A National Park and recreation area outside of Paducah,Kentucky. It happened in the Grand Rivers campground around 1978.