Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"You Can't Handle The Truth?!?!"

It has been over a week since I posted the documentary “The Dogman Monsters are Real”. The reaction has been interesting to say the least. Before I produced the documentary I had shown the raw footage to several well-known names in the Bigfoot research arena. All of them had no problem seeing the subject and recognizing it, even those who think most of my videos are “blobsquathces”. The feedback was amazement and in some cases shock.

I would always call them on the phone then send them a link to the private video that I had posted on YouTube.  It was not uncommon to hear them gasp when it hit them what they were viewing. Usually the gasp was followed by an expletive of some sort.  One notable lady in the field had nightmares after viewing the footage. The footage even got the attention of a national radio host.

 So when I decided to do the documentary I thought it would be well received. It was in high definition, only a few feet away, the creature was moving and the movement could be easily observed including mouth, nose, and eye movement. I thought this should be a “slam dunk”. People have been asking for even demanding this type of Cryptid footage for years and now I was going to give it to them,  no long delays, no games, no big announcements, etc.

The reaction however was not what I expected. I released the
video after appearing on Chuck Prahls “Bigfoot Tonight” blogtalk radio show.  About fifty percent of the people had no problem seeing the subject or knowing what it was but the other half struggled with it. I do not think the issue was recognizing there was a creature in the video but coming to terms with what the creature was and admitting to themselves this thing is real and it lives in our woodlands.

The video has almost 3,000 hits at the writing of this article but I honestly expected it to get many more hits in the first week. The other puzzling thing is none of the Cryptid web sites have even mentioned the footage. I find this odd since just a few months ago when I posted a story about one of my Dogman encounters it caused a huge uproar and was covered by all the major Bigfoot and Cryptid web sites. Of course the pictures I posted were not HD and clear so everyone could argue the old “leafs and shadows” explanation.  But with the release of the Dogman HD footage there has been nothing but eerie silence.

This leads me to this conclusion, the Bigfoot and Cryptid community is not ready for footage like this. They are not ready to accept that creatures like this really do exist. It is too big a shock to their collective systems. It is one thing to write stories about strange creatures and interview witnesses, but at the end of the day it was still just a story. I often wonder if the people who run these sites even accepted the possibility that what they were blogging about could be
real?  Was this just a money making venture or a fun hobby? And now presented with a video that shows a Cryptid that is known as the Dogman it’s just too much. Throw in the little grey creature on the shoulder of the Dogman and their minds are completely blown. This is a case where the brain just refuses to believe what the eyes are seeing.  

I wonder if these same people could handle close up, high definition footage of a Bigfoot? Would seeing a Bigfoot blink, move, vocalize, or even speak to the camera just be too much? I now wonder what would be the reaction if the creature had stepped out into the open and exposed its entire body then ran off.  If people can’t handle the head and face how would they cope with the entire creature?

I must admit it took me a few weeks to come to terms with what was on the video footage. I thought it might be a Bigfoot, but I knew deep down what it was. I still have no clue what the little grey creature is on the shoulder and will probably never know. I think in time people will be able to accept that what we have been taught and told about the natural world is not the complete story, but until then many “can’t handle the truth”.


  1. Scott I was one of those people who struggled, and to be honest Im still struggling...

    I dont know if it is cognitive dissonance or if I really just cant see it as definitively as you do, but I agree that "something" is there. I guess part of the problem for me was the build up and how you were talking about how clear and close the footage was and I think a lot of people including myself were almost expecting a totally unmistakeable clear full body shot, not having to peer through foliage and try to piece it together.

    Interestingly though when I was watching the footage my eyes went straight to it before you pointed it out, from there on I admit, for whatever reason, I struggled. Ive since shared the footage with friends who are interested in cryptozoology and they have had similar struggles.

    Maybe next time you release footage like this dont play it up so much before hand, its preferable to exceed peoples expectations than to underwhelm them when they are expecting the world...

    These arent criticisms of your work Scott, just observations.

    1. Sean,

      Thanks for the input and I understand that it was not what people were expecting. Being someone who has hunted for over 30 years I have become accustomed to recognizing animals that are hiding in thick foliage. That is why I considered this to be a "clear" and "unmistakeable" image. It honestly wont get much better than that unless the creature is dead,in some sort of distress, or attacks the filmmaker.

      The fact that everyone that previewed the video had no issue seeing it or recognizing what it was also had me thinking it would not be difficult to see. And lets face it, if that was a Bigfoot, that close, in the same location I think very few would have trouble recognizing it.

      I appreciate your honestly and in the future I will try and not underwhelm people. But to be honest I hope I never get the chance to capture a creature like that one again...


  2. Scott, here is my take on the apparant reaction of the
    dogman film. Any human that has watched t.v. or movies
    for the last 50 years has seen the quality of monster flicks grow to the point where we are desensitized to any thing we see that is on a screen. Just as cops call
    the effect of people calling for crimes to be instantly
    solved " The CSI Effect ". In real life it just don't happen that way. Special effects in the movies has brought our minds into the area where we can't accept
    or can't tell fact from fantasty. At least when we see
    it on the screen. Our taste in films has evolved to the
    point where we are not shocked and horrified, but instead we sit there wondering " How did they do that "?
    When Faked becomes Fact, we have to raise the bar on what we are calling real. This is no fault of yours or
    your film, it's just the reality of our times. Which to me is more frightening than a little unknown being riding on the back of a dogman.

    1. Very interesting I had not thought of it that way, thanks!

  3. grammy here: it looks as if my comment got through the filter on this communal computer. quick, before the cyber-gremlins stop me, i want to tell you, scott, a huge THANK YOU! this is not only fascinating, it is a mind-expander. no, i haven't watched the video: another thing these community machines won't allow. but i'm very sure that it's an education. and i'm thinking about all the stories of the dog-headed people in human history. those stories weren't fiction: these "people" were seen by travelers, in most of the world.

    also, i agree with the commenter who mentioned the little people. Puk wudgies might get you some google articles on them. was it missin misty who mentioned that we don't have to look through space? that there is another species right here, literally in our back yards? I agree! grammy

  4. Is it possible that that is simply a feral dog or a wolf? I do see the dog there, but what makes it a dog man? No disrespect intended.

    1. Its standing upright and roughly 6 feet tall, plus the snout is flat on the end, and not to mention the grey entity on the right shoulder.

    2. Right, I understand it's tall, but didn't you mention that it was up with paws against a tree? My dog does that sometimes when looking at a squirrel or bird...he's a 75 pound Lab, and is nearly as tall as me when he does(5'4"). There are certainly larger dogs than him, so for me, 6 feet doesn't really indicate that it's not a dog. Not sure I see what you mean about the snout being flat. As for the entity on the shoulder, that's wierd anyway you slice it. Wierd on a dog, and wierd on a dog man!

  5. Scott somewhere you mentioned the thing on dogman's shoulder had silver hair. It looks so weird could you actually see the hair on it? It is hard for me to see any hair but I know that the internet degrades images. Wondering exactly what you are seeing on your video. It is such an oddity. Thank you for sharing all of this adventure with us. :)

  6. Is that something else behind the creepy thing blinking??? (Upper left corner of your cut out at the top of this page) Oh man, my mind is going crazy with this stuff...

  7. The Bigfoot "community" is mostly (not all) about money and five-minutes of fame these days. You show integrity in what you do, and you're straightforward instead of bombastic. I don't believe you'll ever be recognized by many of the big names, because they want people to sign waivers and join "the team." Have you tried some of the sideline folks like Crytomundo and/or Loren Coleman?

    I am extremely skeptical of most cryptid claims, even though I've seen stuff in the woods myself that shouldn't be there. Even though I'm not 100 percent convinced on every sighting in the documentary, the second sequence of footage is pretty incredible and clearly not blobsquatch.

  8. Very interesting Scott. You definitely have a living , breathing , stealthy creature here . And it's not a regular canine standing on hind legs to the height of 6 ft tall . A dog that large coming back down on all fours would make a lot of noise when it's paws hit the ground . And they crash through the brush. ( as a dog owner you would recognize it if it was one )This is unique , rare footage , and I have to keep coming back to look ....it's like nothing I've ever seen before . Nice job Scott.

  9. Scott,I've noticed similar reactions. The eyes see,but the mind may recoil in shock,or refuse to admit this being is what it is. IMO,you are doing a great service,not just to the BF/Cryptid community's,but to everyone. Like you said,your a hunter. How many people in our lives have people who live in the outdoors practically,when they can. But,its difficult to warn someone of dangers,when,like my father,they've hunted,hike,etc in the wilderness for 50 years and never had an encounter with something unusual.
    In any case,thanks again for sharing this. You could've easily deleted these videos,and not posted it for many reasons,but the fact Is you discovered something "strange",if not frankly terrifying,and reported not only the footage,but your thoughts,and your findings. Isn't that what this arena or feild of study is all about? Facts. IMO yes.
    I feel its imperative to learn what we can about these beings,if they are a threat,and anything else we can,if the oppertunity presents itself. These beings must be rarer than BF,it seems to me that there are substantial reports of them,as a few outstanding researchers have noted.
    Thanks again Scott,and don't let the drama or rudeness of some get you down. IMO,while I've followed your blog,you have shown honesty,integrity and dedication to this arena that may be The definition of a Researcher.