Friday, March 8, 2013

The Bigfoot Behind Me - Part 2

The still captures contained in this post are from the National Park location. I was on the main hiking trail and it was a bright sunny spring morning. In fact there were two hikers approximately 75 yards behind me. So this Bigfoot was hiding right beside the trail watching hikers walk along. My back trail camera captured this Bigfoot watching me pass, then it turned and tilted its head in the direction of the hikers following me. It appeared to be "sniffing the air".

Lets take a look at the best still captures in order they were captured. This footage is not a clear as I would like it to be. I was moving and the sun was very bright. The video was shot in HD but the subject is still not crystal clear.

The below still capture shows a very hairy fellow peeking out at me from the right side of the trail. Note how bright the sun is and the fact the Bigfoot is hiding on the sun lit side of the trail.

I think the Bigfoot is located here because of the wind. The wind was in its face and wind is always more important than having the sun at your back.

Note how close to the trail it is. I walked withing a few feet of  this Bigfoot and had no clue it was hiding there beside the trail.

 The next 3 still captures show what I think is a different Bigfoot in the same area. It has a more "traditional look". I have moved down the trail about 100 feet away when it pokes its head out again and looks at me.

 In the above still capture the Bigfoot is just starting to look out around the tree at me. In the below still capture its head is more exposed as it gets a good look at me.

Below is a close up of the sequential frames. The Bigfoot leans out more and turns toward me.
 Below are close ups of the head.

The Bigfoot turns its head back to its left. Then tilts its head backward. The below still capture shows this profile view of the Bigfoot.

   Note the high forehead, brow, and beard. The facial hair appears to be "groomed" not "shaggy" or "un-kept".


 The final still capture explains the reason the Bigfoot turned its head back and "sniffed" the wind. Two hikers come up from behind me. Notice on the right of the trail something suspicious looking.

Is this another Bigfoot? This would make possibly three in this one area watching the trail! (This is near the area where I collected Bigfoot hair samples for the Ketchum DNA Project).

Is the above Bigfoot number three? This area appears to be very important to the Bigfoot.

Below is a collage of the still captures from this footage. 

 It is shocking how close the Bigfoot get to us and we have no clue. This trail is a heavily used trail. Families, women, children, and riders on horse back frequent this trail every weekend and daily during the tourist season. This is one reason I chose this area. It has all the incrediants to attract Bigfoot. They are "watchers" of us! We are their "entertainment". 



  1. I really think some of your close up eye shots are the most convincing evidence you have.

  2. The eyes can not be created by "lights, leaves, and shadows" Thanks!

  3. This is like viewing Jon Erik Beckford still photos, all over again. And he both invented and perfected paradoilia. The alleged first photo, appears to be too tiny to have been a Bigfoot that had been born yet. Dark shadows are not evidence of a Bigfoot face. I don't doubt the filming over the shoulder theory, but you really have to come up with some full body shots, in order to make this worthwile for viewers.

    1. 1. You can see more than just the face.

      2. The subject is not "tiny" its quite large, the fact it is a still capture from a video makes it look farther away and smaller than it actually is. I have done countless follow-ups in situations similar to this where I stand in the same area. IE "Bigfoot In The Laurels" ( I each case I am even smaller than the subject and closer to the camera than you think.

      3. These "dark shadows" move and change positions while maintaining their integrity while I change my position. By definition "paradoila" is a unique set of circumstances where the light, shadows, and angle have to be just right to see the "face" or imagined shape. I moved my position by several feet. My angle of attack and the angle of the sun changed significantly. If this was "paradoila" it would have disappeared after the first step or two. IT DID NOT! Again even though I changed my position and angle to the subject by several feet the subject was still visible and recognizable.
      4. These "paradoilia" created images leave footprints.
      5. These "paradoilia" formed images also leave behind hair. That hair yielded BIGFOOT DNA.

      I completely and totally DISAGREE with your assessment, but you have a right to your opinion.

  4. Nice job Scott. I'm glad you're not running around chasing full body shots ( there's enough of them out there ! )but rather as you said you would , focusing on behaviour . And these stills really show how clever they are . Staying down wind , staying concealed by using the brush and shadows as camouflage . And watching the movement in each frame as the BF moved it's head and looked like it was trying to catch the scent of the upcoming hikers .This really shows how they can be so elusive to people .....people will usually walk by any thing that is not in full frame to catch their easy for them! The eye detail , once again was incredible Scott , that's something that's not imagination , as well as the movements you've captured . It must at times be frustrating to hear comments like the above when the person commenting an opinion doesn't know all the details of what else you saw and gathered .( I recommend they read your book so they can make an informed comment . ) These pics do make you wonder whether the BF that showed up at your home used their sense of smell to find your house or your truck . Many , many people really appreciate all your years of hard work ....thanks for sharing Scott.

  5. Was the one who had his chin tilted up the one who was sniffing the air? Love the shots thanks for sharing with us! Can't wait to see more!

  6. Great job in capturing this big guys head in those photo frames of your video; where we can see those head movements, but as you know I see a fuzzy head that has eyes and in this case movement besides. I am thinking they are causing this fuzzy situation around their heads; where it makes it really difficult to get those heads and faces shots in focus. I am still in wonderment on how you can pull out what you do out of your videos, so that you might show us what is taking place with these big guys when they are watching us. I for one do appreciate what you are showing us!!

  7. Wonder what "oversight" thinks about your photos in part 1? That one is nearly indisputable. Definitely not paradoilia...nice response...

    I still have a lingering question, which I haven't read or seen in any of your know now that there were Bigfoot very close by. Do you remember if there was any smell associated, as noted by others that have been either close to or have seen one? Or, do you think that is a warning mechanism when they feel threatened or to let you know that you are intruding, e.g. a skunk? Just wondering if it's a function of environmental or geographical location, like southern swamp vs. forested areas like yours? Or, is it an at will response? Thanks Scott.

    1. Sometimes I have smelt them and other times I have not, it depends on the wind. I think they have an naturally BAD body odor, but it appears sometimes they produce the nauseating "wet dog sprayed by a skunk" smell.

  8. outstanding again Scott. imo,,the pics just keep getting better.
    p.s the subject with the black nose,,i read thro that last nite. when i seen the pics,,well. im still in awe. that has to be my favorite still shot of a Bigfoot. Well done Sir.