Thursday, March 7, 2013

The "Bigfoot" Behind Me - Part 1

Over the past three years I have come to rely on the "Back Trail" camera to catch all the "crazy" stuff that has happened when my back was turned. From "Dogman" to glowing eyes and everything in between. Now that we are not "walking on egg shells" because of the DNA study I though I would start letting you in on the interesting things that have been going on "behind my back".

The following two still captures came from the public land research area. I had heard at small branch snap in this area so I stopped, used my camera to zoom in/out and scan the area and found nothing. I use the following technique when I encounter this type of situation. I turn my back on the area where I think the Bigfoot is located. I act very interesting in something in the opposite direction and let the back trail camera do its work. On this day I paused for about five minutes and nothing until I started walking away, then the subject decided it was safe enough to take a closer look.

Above are two of the better frames from the video. Since I am walking away the still on the left is blurry but the one on the right is in good focus. These were taken with a HD 720p camera mounted on my shoulder.

 If you look closely at the above photograph you can see the subject watching as I walk away.

 Above are two blow ups, if you can not see the details of this guy then no use me trying to point them out...

I captured a larger image when I was closer but I was moving and so was the Bigfoot, but it still shows some interesting details.

Both the eyes are visible in this still capture as the Bigfoot is slowly moving into position as I walk away. 

 The eyes are bright white in the inverted still capture on the right.

Note in the above comparisons how the Bigfoot is looking under the small limb on the left and leaning forward. Then a few frames later as I am farther away it has lifted it's head and squared its shoulders to me. The small limb now hides the left side of the upper face. You would think he did that on purpose.

I hope you enjoyed this foray into the world "behind my back". In Part 2 I will show you some of my friends from the National Park. 


  1. Thanks for sharing with us. I want to start day-hiking to get more exercise into my life but after watching your videos and reading about your evidence..well..I'm scared. Aren't you scared being out there alone with these creatures? I'm a woman so do you think women may be more susceptible to BF attacks?

    1. I not scared of them but I respect them. I take reasonable precautions when I go out. I treat this situation like living in Grizzy bear country. Be aware and know how to defend yourself. Since you are a woman I would recommend finding a partner. But if you must go alone stay on main trails, carry at least pepper spray if not a side arm. I would be more afraid of the humans than the Bigfoot.

      I will say that the stats show women have more encounters where they actually see the Bigfoot. I read one study that showed that 95% of the sightings by women happen during their menstrual flow. So use this information as you like.

      I will say women are more at risk than men, but the Bigfoot are a people and just like us they are a diverse group. So I say always be prepared, aware of your surroundings, and cautious just in case you come across a "bad" one.

    2. Thanks for your reply and your research work!

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  4. Wow Scott...that's a really good capture of almost the entire Bigfoot, not just a face. I wish there was something for size comparison, because to me this looks like an older subject (IMHO) and seems to be pretty big. Any idea or thoughts on its size? Also, it seems that where there's one you are likely to encounter more, as in some of your trail cam shots...sure looks like a couple more may possibly be lurking in those bushes! Any comment or thoughts on that would definitely be always, thanks!

  5. Have you considered adding a thermal camera to your Back Cam? I think it would add some credibility to your research if you had a great big heat blob right where there was supposed to be a squatch. Just a thought.