Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bigfoot Research - So What Is Next ?

Now that the Ketchum DNA Study has been released what is the future for this crazy arena called “Bigfoot Research”? Last year I and several of my contemporaries shifted our focus from gathering evidence to the study of the Bigfoot. Knowing the results of the DNA study we shifted our focus. It was no longer necessary to maintain trail cameras, hair traps, video surveillance, and the likes. We switched over into the next phase of Bigfoot research. We now are focusing on Bigfoot behavior, culture, and interaction.

The only way to truly study the Bigfoot is in its environment.  In order to do this TIME is required. Like Jane Goodall we need passionate and dedicated researchers willing to spend months or even years in the woods with the Bigfoot. Living there 24/7 building trust with a Bigfoot clan. This is the only way I see that we can ethically move forward. This is the logical next step. The problem is we are all amateurs and have no outside financial support for our research. Spending this kind of time will be impossible. This will slow down the research to a painfully slow crawl. Interaction will be built one weekend at a time instead of one day at a time.

 I do find it interesting that Jane Goodall  took a novel approach in  her research.  Per a PBS special Goodall admitted that she had no “collegiate training directing her research”. She “observed things that strict scientific doctrines may have overlooked”. I find this extremely interesting and true of many Bigfoot researchers today. We are not trained in this field of research that is ignored and scoffed at by 99.9% of mainstream science. We do however, like Goodall, bring a common sense approach that is not shackled by “scientific doctrines”. When dealing with Bigfoot research you must think out of the box and be willing to be completely unconventional, that is the only way.

This focus on the study of Bigfoot is going to frustrate those still wanting “proof” or close up HD footage of the Bigfoot. The only way I see HD footage of a Bigfoot being taken (without killing one) is through what is commonly called “habitation”. The researcher is going to have to select a location that is in the Bigfoot’s home range and then spend as much time as possible in this area. The video cameras must be turned off, trail cameras taken down, hair traps removed, and the senseless wood knocking and screaming has to cease. 

The “real” work now begins! The day to day field work of going into the home area and making yourself available. We must learn to be unconventional! We are attempting to make contact and have interaction with a race of people whose very survival depends on their ability to avoid us and remain hidden.  Trust must be built. We must study what little information we have about them from the Native Americans and those with long term habituation. We must be aware these are people and we are studying another culture not some wild animal. They do and will have customs that we must learn and respect if we are to interact and learn about them. We must realize the truth about them, not all of them are the “benevolent keepers of the forest”. Like any culture they have a criminal or rogue element and we must be aware of and prepared for this. 

We must find a way to communicate with them. Scott Nelson is doing ground breaking work but we must do more than just transcribe what they uttering and translate it. We need a primmer and we need it fast! We may find that there are dialects and different languages spoken across the geographic regions of the country.  I am fortunate that my area of research is near the infamous “Carter Farm”. Thanks to Mary Green’s work with Janice Carter we have a dictionary via her book “Fifty Years with Bigfoot”. The DNA study has vindicated Mary and her work. The dictionary of Bigfoot words and phrases contained in her book will be a valuable tool. 

I am already receiving some disgruntled comments from those who think I should cover the exterior of my house with video surveillance gear. First off I tried that, does not work. Second when I was recording constantly I found there is no way to watch that much footage! If I recorded at night that is 12 hours a day! Even on fast speed it takes at least 2 hours per day to watch and to be honest with multiple cameras I just do not have that kind of time! Plus I think this is counterproductive. My goal is no longer to “prove” Bigfoot exist but to study and interact. So if my house is bristling with dozens of electronic recording devices that does not send a friendly “come and visit” message. I hope one day to make contact sitting out back at night. That will not be done with video cameras running.

Those who follow Bigfoot research will need to be patient because the progress will be slow. Advancements will be made in inches not feet. Building a rapport with a local group of Bigfoot will take time, effort, and patience from us all. 

The next phase of Bigfoot research is going to be exciting but I see many of the “fair weather” Bigfoot fans and researchers moving on to the next “big thing”.  That usually happens when the “real work” begins.


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  2. I have noticed that since the DNA study results came out the Bigfoot community in general has been fairly quiet. I didn't understand that at all. And if they were not quiet they were making fun of the study or being critical of it in some way. I would have thought the reaction especially in the Bigfoot community would have had some positive feedback but not so. Had to laugh at your take of things that they are moving on when the real work begins. Keep up the good work, Scott.

  3. Grammy here, saying yes, I agree; this begins the real work. But your mindset, Scott, is 90% of the job. Just starting from the premise that the First Nations have history with these people, is a massive step forward.

    There's a story on Bobbie Short's site about a man who had an encounter with one of the giant people, and he said that they spoke the same Douglas dialect that his own tribe spoke. It seems reasonable that you will find the Sasquatch clans near you will have their own local variation, too. Praying and cheering for you and all the team.

    1. Scott, Not to change the subject from moving forward, but can we go back to the hair samples? Do you know if Dr. Melba is testing the hair for radiative properties? I read an article about Jessica Preciado unlocking the mystery of why polar bears appear invisible in infrared vision. She discovered that polar bear hair has the same radiative properties as snow.

    2. I know from my limited contact with Melba there is still alot of analysis that needs to be done. I for one want to know if any of the 110 individuals were related. I also want to know if the samples that came from my home match the samples gathered at the two research locations in the woods. It would be mind blowing if they do, and I think they will but only Melba this raw data and the expertise to do the comparisons...

  4. Scott, I can understand your view point about not enough time. I read your blog, which always opens the field to more questions at least for me. Like I could feel your frustration with the camera in your yard. Which led me to read about how a camera works. Which led to reading about wave lengths and visible and invisible spectrums which make up the electromagnetic spectrum. Did you know that Humans at normal body temperature radiate chiefly at wavelengths around 10 μm. Which led me to read a study done in 2005 on RADIATION TESTS ON SOLID STATE CAMERAS FOR INSTRUMENTATION authors:S. Hutchins, M. Facchini, E. Tsoulou, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland Their findings were basically Radiation effects Pixel brightness, loss of contrast and it drains the batteries, Does that sound familiar? I wonder what type of aura Sasquatch reflects?
    Scott, Please keep up your Great Work!! I find your blogs & videos are so much more educational & informative then any others I have come across so far. Thank you.

  5. Grammy here: I just found this article.


    Sorry I don't know how to put the line under it. Apparently Dr. David Reich has arrived at conclusions similar to Dr. Melba Ketchum's. Only Reich didn't look at Sasquatch, so he gets a 5-page salute, and Dr. Ketchum gets slandered.

    The last three paragraphs of this article are stunning.

    1. Thank you, Grammy. I read the article. Ancient, caves & bones are what they are searching for, Not living breathing people. Makes me wonder how many contaminents where on those samples laying around in the dirt for 1000s of years. I wonder how The Ketchum DNA compares to the Dennisovan DNA.
      I highlighted the word Dennisovan to see what else there was to read and I found this article. (Richard Henry's map is even on it of the Patty film.)

      This article also has a link to the analysis of this ancient DNA, published in Nature in 2010.


      I also want to thank you for pointing me towards Bobbie Short, I am really loving the stories she has on her site.

    2. Grammy,
      I am not sure how or where you sign into this blog, as I am new to this. But I have mine set up thru google. Here is what I found if you want to display your name instead of unknown, if you wish. To edit your profile, sign in to your Google profile, then click the Edit profile button. Unknown should show in the upper left corner, now all you have to do is click on it. Then you can put in a display name.

    3. Missin' Misty, thank you for the tutorial. After some coffee, I think I'll try that! And I really like your point about the age of the specimens that were used in the geneticists study. The entire article just seemed to parallel the way I think about the hairy giants. But when I read those last three paragraphs, I wanted to shout!

      The author writes that some currently unknown hominid might be part of the human ancestry. What a concept! Gee, where have I heard that before? (snort) It's all right for Dr. David Reich to propose that hypothesis; but not for Dr. Melba Ketchum to propose it. Hmm . . .

  6. Looking forward to the new direction in bigfoot research . Now things will really become more and more interesting , even though it will take considerably more time and patience .For the first time in human history there may actually be a bridge formed between us and them . This news is as exciting as the DNA study . I wonder if there will ever be a site for habituators to come forth and share what they've gathered with the researchers and the researchers may help them to gather more information . Do you think that there ever be a non profit organization that people would be able to make donations to support having researchers in the field full time ? I know this may sound unrealistic right now ...but I think Scott that you've started something that will really go some where . I can't wait to hear about your experience if you ever do meet up with the big foot that visits your place one night as you sit out back .

  7. ,Yes Sir. Awesome post Scott. And I couldn't agree more. I think,IMO,if more of us had your additude,we (-as in the collective Bigfoot community,,) would be prehaps a bit father down the road. This is something that has and may always irk me. As in the personal bias,conflicts and/or agendas,and of course the drama, that comes from so many great minds. The way I've looked at this,since my Internet side of BF started,,is,,well,,we are all chasing,looking for,or trying to seek something for whatever reason,that most of America thinks or "knows"(LOL) is just not out there. Period. You'd think most of the dedicated would be a tad more accepting,or eager to share their work,help the new researchers,and if one could not give a way to go,,at least offer constructive critism. Unfortunatly,this may never be the case. So the real results are going to come in,slowly but surely,from the ones who leave all that b.s behind,and get down to business. Personally,I don't have the finances,free time,equipment as I would like,,but I have been blessed with the ability to be unconventional. As in sometimes I can see the box that was delevered,that contained the box that most folks think out of,,LOL!
    Sometimes it seems so intimidating,all that is still ahead of us. We all have a part in this great legacy. And I'm proud to be doing what I can,when I can,,and honered to meet so many amazing people. Looking for creatures/entity's that "do not" exsist? Yes Sir. Ill be doing that for many years to come. Thanks again Scott!

    1. Do it, but be ever mindful that you are in their habitat. We do not want to impose our world on them. They don't need us. We are human, always wanting to learn something new, explore the unkown.
      I respect what you have done so far in your tireless effort to bring this subject to the forefront.I know you will handle your research with the utmost sinsitivety towards their needs. Good luck.

    2. Robbie...enjoyed your comment . I especially appreciated the phrase " We all have a part in this great legacy " LEGACY....( something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past ).....helps us to understand the reason we " seek , look for and chase ",despite the elusiveness of big foot . It was just a few generations ago that we shared the same habitat , and now , with the new DNA evidence , we actually share the same ancestors . We left our natural habitat , they stayed ! Yet we are always drawn back deep inside .
      It seems that for some big foot , they have the same drive to watch , and observe and follow us as some people do to them . We'll always have the LEGACY of being related to them by blood , something no other creature on the planet (so far ) has .

  8. Don,yes Sir. I couldn't agree more. As Scott has shown,perhaps being curious,yet always respective,not only of their home,but also the family structure,and perhaps even customs or traditions,(BFs linage now known,think of the possibilities!) Reading Scott's book earlier,it really brings a message home,about the dangers in this,that way too many may take for granted. While innocently making a sudden,excited gesture,upon seeing a young BF,the actions could be taken otherwise by a protective parent,as any of us can understand.
    And Kay,thank you. I used to think of this as a mystery. Although a witness would disagree. I've never seen a BF with my own eyes,but i feel comfortable stating,from all the hard earned evidence gathered thro the years,and,esp on this blog,I'm at 99.9 convinced. Legacy. I've liked that for a while. And upon seeing the definition you've provided,it really hits home how awesome this really is.