Monday, March 11, 2013

Odd Stuff - Bigfoot Residential Visits

Something odd happen overnight at my residence. If you are new to this blog then you need to know that I have regular visits to my residence from a group of Bigfoot. I know this is hard to believe but I have documentation including pictures, police reports, eye witness reports, vocalizations, footprints pictures/casts, and hair samples. The hair samples (3 different samples) are in the Ketchum DNA Project and were determined to be Bigfoot hair. (

Now that I have given you the background information, back to the "odd stuff". Yesterday evening ( 03/10/2012) after feeding and watering my outside dog I placed the plastic water picture into the stainless steal feeding bowl. I placed both on the top of the table that sits on my covered deck. When I checked this morning the bowl and the water picture were laying on the deck. Both were on their tops side by side.

I thought about wind but the bowl is not lite. The water picture was sitting upright on its top. If it had blown off, odds are it would have bounced and be laying on its side not its top beside the steel bowl. I also had other items on the deck, mini candy bar, dog biscuit, old t-shirt and all these items were untouched and in their original location. I would think a wind strong enough to blow the steel bowl and plastic picture off the table would have certainly blown the mini candy bar and the t-shirt off the deck.

What does this mean? I have no clue. The Bigfoot regularly take dog food and sometimes drink the dog's water but this is the first time they have moved anything around this overtly. The Bigfoot always attempt to put items back in the original location. There was plenty of dog food in the storage tub. The dog also had plenty of water. I have been attempting to give the Bigfoot other types of food to chose from. I started placing candy bars and dog biscuits on the railing of the deck. Are they saying "thanks but no thanks, we prefer the dog food"? Or are they saying something totally different

More questions than answers as it always is with the Bigfoot. 


  1. Grammy here: I really didn't think this could get any more interesting. I was wrong!

  2. The skeptics I talk to ask me, when I relate these reports, that how come when a sasquatch comes right up to the house or porch and moves something around, why aren't there real clear pictures taken with state-of-the-art, barely visible cams? Especially with a house, there should be a number of options for a hidden cam that not even a canny sasquatch can detect. It is hard for me to defend the validity of the photo research to my friends when you have an absolutely clear picture of the utensils/bowls before & after, but no photos of the action of how they got moved. No matther how pursuasively I try to describe sasquatch detection of devices, as the imaging technology gets better and smaller, it is hard to defend the ambiguous results. Can you help me with this?

    1. NO,unfortunately I can not. The Bigfoot have abilities to detect technology that I do not understand. All I know is that they can detect the cameras regardless of size and technology. Derek Randalls has over 100 state of the art trail cameras in the woods and all he has is blurry close up face shots. If your friends would be willing to fund it, I would be glad to entertain a complete hidden camera system. But your friends must also volunteer to watch all the video from each camera every day, 100s of hours worth. I can tell you I have documented footprints and collected hair at my house that has been proven to be Bigfoot via the Ketchum DNA Study. Babes can not be feed meat of the truth, they can only tolerate milk of skepticism. Your friends have no understanding of the complexity of the Bigfoot and the challenges. So no there is nothing I can explain or say to you that will convince them. They will continue to be skeptics and there is nothing I can do to change that....

    2. Give it time, you'll work it out.Got something to relate to you.Back in neighbor up the street was deer hunting on the back side of my land.The next day he informed me that he had shot a deer, but had stomach cramps so bad he had to go home. Told him, I heard the shot. A week later he shot another one and brought it up on his 4- wheeler. He also had the nasty remains of the skull of the deer he had shot a week earlier.He told me that all he found was the skull and it's backbone. The ribs, front legs and hind quarters were gone. He told me that buzzard crap was everywhere. He said out of curiosity he looked around for them, gone.

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  4. this is going to sound silly, but the only thing i could think of when i saw the pitcher and the bowl on the ground was: Mountain top. maybe they are trying to tell you where they are from, or just a simple sign for thank you. maybe it is trying to show you what route to take when going past a mountain? or maybe the bowl represents their cave and the pitcher is you. now i'm just asking myself a thousand questions.. also i have been thinking, you said, in navaho, "come visit me" or something like that. maybe that is why they keep coming to your house? maybe next time, if the visits annoy or disturb you, try telling them to not visit you anymore, when you are out in the field that is. have you been on any trips lately? looking very much forward to another video from your research.

  5. Hello Joe Black and his followers here on this form:
    I am going to say that those visitors are unhappy about you feeding your pet dog and not considering them when you leave out that dog food for your pet. I am thinking that those upside down containers should have water and dog food in them for your guest. JMHO hereof course!
    As for why you are not getting photos of these creatures; as in my HOP, I believe that these big guys can mess with our camera equipment; as in not letting those cameras working properly, and or in making those fuzzy blobsquatch photos. I believe that they have ways to void their images altogether; as in not being able to be viewed period. Yes, I know it sound impossible, but this seems to be what is taking place concerning these creatures and our camera equipment. It looks like we, as in us humans, have a ways to go yet in figuring out what is really going on here especially with us getting good photos of them...

  6. Regarding skeptics, I appreciate your candid reply. There is no question that the efforts of in-the field researchers are highly involved in terms of commitment, cost, labor, time, experience, & knowledge. I appreciate your work and those who are working on parallel boots-on-the-ground research. Add into the mix often difficult-to-access terrain, as well as Mother Nature, and no one can argue that the challenges are not great. On top of that, when the subject of the search has such an incredible set of skills and instinct, and such a unique nature combined with an intelligence which we are only beginning to perceive, much less understand, it is no wonder that the efforts of the best researchers often go unrewarded. At the same time, I try to consider that skeptical people who ask questions about photographic and other evidence are not all cut from the same cloth. Most skeptics with whom I speak have open minds on the reality of the Sasquatch, especially after they are provided reliable, if not irrefutable, evidence. I cannot fault them when they are hesitant to suspend reasonable rules of evidence and have natural questions as to why normal means of acquiring evidence don’t work very well. I recall that Christ, speaking to “doubting Thomas”, once said of future generations of Christian believers, “Blessed are those who do not see and yet believe.” In contrast to this, the belief that sasquatch exists does not insist on the same suspension of unarguable proof, which is why serious researchers do everything in their power and pocketbook to provide firm evidence of the species, and why well-intended skeptics ask to see it.

  7. Oh I believe these "things" are out there alright. But I don't believe they have special powers to avoid cameras or render them useless. If that is in fact what's going on, then this is not a living breathing animal/human but a spirit or some paranormal thing.