Saturday, March 16, 2013

Smeja/Cutino Sample Not Same As Kethcum DNA Study Sample 26

Last week Bart Cutino accused me of being a "liar" in the comments section of my post Ketchum Bigfoot DNA Study - She Said/He Said. I defened the study and asserted that the sample that Smeja gave to Cutino for testing was not the same sample that was sent to the Ketchum DNA Project (Sample 26). Bart repsonded with visceral rant left on my blog . Here is just part of what Bart said:
"I can go on but you're brainwashed and obviously so emotionally invested that you're willing to lie to your own readers. I challenge you and David (Paulides) to prove one thing I've said is untrue. Thank god her paper is a disaster based on what she's released or she would've poisoned this subject even more including the legitimate idea of bigfoot dna (fake journal and peer review, charging 30$ and pocketing the monies, no lab reports, less then 1% of the data, no support or substantiaton, no support from her own so called co-authors,fake people (Casey Mullins)etc..."

On March 15th Robert Lindsay pointed out the following on his blog:

Possible explanation for anomalous Ketchum and Smeja/Cutino results for the Bigfoot steak from the Sierra Kills. The results indicate that the submissions were from two different objects, not a single object. Cutino/Smeja’s results ended up with MtDNA haplotypes A and T2, and Ketchum’s MtDNA results indicate haplotype H1A for Sample 26 (the Sierra Kills Bigfoot steak). Apparently these were two completely different objects being tested. I have no explanation for the anomalous results or why there were two objects when there was said to be only two pieces of a single object.
Source Beyond Highbrow – Robert Lindsay

It is obvious that the facts are pointing to the realization that Justin Smeja gave a Bigfoot sample to the Ketcum DNA Study and gave Bart Cutino a piece of bear and claimed it was Bigfoot. The reasons why he did this are only known to him. Sorry Bart you trusted the wrong person.


  1. Scott,

    I have no idea why Bart will refuse to accept he has no idea what Justin really gave him.
    The time frame is so long that Bart had zero Control in the sample that Justin had.
    But all he wants to do is try to discredit Melba for his own personal reasons. He is not emotionally detached from it.
    He has accused Melba of Fraud and other things.

    Sorry he went off on you.
    Its making him look bad now.

  2. scott,

    smejas words from his very first interview are suspect. he has alot of nerve accusing you, who imho is one of the most respected, honest, and PROFESSIONAL researchers in the states, if not entire world. im sure smejas house of cards will crumle more as time goes on. your followers and fans will stand by you indefinetely... youre research and contributions are and will outlast thier 5 minutes of fame. keep up your important, life-changing work! im on chapter 6. great stuff. fouund research area a on GE in about 5 minutes flat tho... :)

    be well


  3. Bart C,Scott H, and Melissa H, are all peas in a pod,
    it's gonna be great when there proved wrong and they
    try and hide,Their blogs will be pounded by all the people that they abused over the last couple mths.

  4. Thank you very much Scott. You are doing a superb job!

  5. In the same artucle, newbie Lindsay blows it on the West Virginia Bigfoot, which is debunked here:

    Lindsay is an expert at being suckered into believing just about anything. If the Feds had a Bigfoot in their facility, you would never see it again. If the State had a Bigfoot in their facility, you would never see it again. Musky made the entire episode up of the body being locked up in a US Gov facility and experts authenticating it simultaneously, which Lindsay took hook line and sinker.

  6. I could see where Dyer is going with this already,
    "The government will longer give us access and is stopping the release of the film from minnow. I know no one believes me, but this was not a hoax!"
    Then a release of some costume pictures, that he will claim he smuggled out. it's the only way out of this, and keep the story alive. Why let musky"super nobody"Allen see the body, and have no one else see it,that makes no sense.

  7. Scott-
    First of all, the picture you posted is NOT the piece sent in by Justin’s wife to Dr. Ketchum and please don’t take my word for it. Just go to Dr. Ketchum’s manuscript if you will and on page 10 I believe is Sample 26 which is an exact visual match to the piece of tissue in Justin’s hand (Figure 2#) on the purported day of retrieval and 3-6 days prior to sending it to Dr. Ketchum via Justin’s wife.

    In addition, see please see Figure 3# in my report summary ( and tell me with an honest face that it doesn’t visually match DR. KETCHUM’S manuscript picture of Sample 26….not the picture of black hair clumps you posted on your blog above. Neither Justin, Derek, Wally or even Melba (based on matching pic of sample 26 she has in her own paper) would say the picture you’ve attached here is the Sierras tissue. BTW, where did you get that picture as your source probably did this intentionally and you need to be aware of that.

    With respect to the discrepancies in hablotypes from our labs, we believe it’s pretty clear (though double-checking) that the type A mention is an error, because if you read the report they never mention “A” (which is Native American) they only discuss a “European” hablotype. Justin must be T2 because Oklahoma got both mtDNA & nDNA from him from their testing on both the salted and frozen pieces. I’m certainly not saying Dr. Ketchum didn’t get hablo H1A from her testing, I just don’t see any substantiation that she did in the form of lab reports that should have been attached as appendices to her manuscript for the purpose of substantiation. She’s merely summarized it in the paper and some of you accept that without question and expect everyone critiquing it externally to accept that as well. We can solve this rather easily however and we attempted to by offering Dr. Ketchum some alternative thoughts on indep confirmation which were ultimately refused after she initiated discussion.

    You’ve now accused a man of perpetrating a hoax (Justin) by switching samples, technically on himself to misdirect public perception, for the most unbelievable and frankly, ridiculous reasons and you do so based on solely what you’ve been told. I don’t see any third-party substantiation, I see no lab reports, just a summary in the manuscript, I see no co-authors standing up to defend their results? BTW, Scott, again, all we’ve asked is for Dr. Ketchum to participate in third-party testing of the rest of Justin’s sample, she initiated (we have emails confirming she still has) which BTW, she doesn’t own according to her research agreement with Derek and Wally. Maybe Dr. Ketchum should return the rest of Justin’s sample to the owner per the agreement and we can get that tested to see if there’s any conflict? Would you have any objection with that? Is that unreasonable? Afterall, David publicly said she’d do it, although he was probably unaware that she already refused when she was concerned we were sharing our Trent lab results as we said we would(she contacted us). It's called "transparency."

    1. I will tell you with a straight face that the two samples did not appear to have the same color variations, therefore they were not from the same sample.

  8. All I’ve requested is Dr. Ketchum release the raw data and the lab reports so rigorous independent scientific review happen now that the paper has already been released. That’s too much to ask? Oh that’s right there’s a private panel looking at it now “after’ the paper has been shared and we’ll all hear the results when it’s complete at “her” discretion.

    You should really stick to your field research and not involve yourself in a story you can’t even get your facts straight on.

    Here, you claim:

    “He sent Dr. Ketchum two flesh samples, one from the adult and one from the infant.”

    This is untrue as she was sent “one” sample by Justin’s wife that was pre-packaged and no one, not even Dr. Ketchum has claimed there was multiple samples and subjects tested. However, in your article, you go on and actually nicely back-up what I’ve rationalized from day one based on the circumstantial nature of the tissue (Dr. Ketchum told Justin through Derek this tissue was a bigfoot after being in her possession for only 5 days and well prior to performing any illumina testing that was supposed to make the sample a “bigfoot”) that this tissue was unlikely to ever have been from the adult subject shot and with consideration to the state of recognition after “5” weeks.

    And since Justin is such a liar with respect to his phone conversation with Dr. Ketchum according to many of her followers, why did you pre-emptively write this indefensible garbage on 2/21/13, 2 full days prior to Justin releasing his video disclosing the contents of that call with multiple witnesses present?:

    “Would you tell Justin Smeja to contaminate his remaining samples so no one else like Sykes could use his political connections and power to beat you and claim discovery for what you already have? Would you have preemptive press releases before your study is published? Would you purchase a journal that has passed your paper only to back out at the last moment due to political pressure in order to preserve the peer reviews and editorial independence?

    Though you may not agree with everything she has done, Dr. Ketchum had good reason. She was up against a "like minded" conspiracy. Main stream science knew then and know now what she has. They know it is rock solid and can not be refuted. Their only recourse was to destroy her personally in hopes of discrediting the results. They are AFRAID, afraid of the truth. What is this truth? A unknown, Veterinarian WOMAN from the SOUTH no less with the help of common everyday people have made one of the greatest scientific discoveries of our generation. This is a fact, a truth their belief system just can not tolerate. The religion of Darwinism demands this can not be true and not be allowed to stand.”

    1. Since Bart is pretty young, he appears to believe that his generation is the first generation to discover Sasquatch, and that Ketchum is going to take credit for it. Before he was even a thought, the existence of Sasquatch was well studied in a laboratory and well documented by the Feds in the early 60's as they brought many public scientists in on the study. Most of the scientists involved are today either in their 80's, 90's or are deceased. They don't share what they know. Consequently, Ketchum is not discovering Sasquatch, nor is she the first to prove their existence. She is only attempting to provide the DNA proof to the public, of their existence. The Feds would likely have had the DNA proof for decades.

  9. Out of curiosity, who told you to write that Scott? Was it Melba, David? And for the love of god, being what sounds like you being a good field researcher (I think your hairtrap is awesome idea btw, my best friends from FindingBig said you were a good field guy) why would you defend someone whom “you” believe, or “know,” asked a submitter to destroy a sample (with bleach) that is supposedly the holy grail of samples… solely for perceived competition from one of the most respected (Sykes) geneticists of our time? You think that’s OK? It’s not justifiable and I’m sorry to tell you but look all around you Scott, most people are rational and they agree. I guess Justin made up the “scamming Wally” part right? Of course, that would be a little harder for you to defend is it not? Better to leave that one alone.

    If you’re right and I’m wrong about everything Scott, here’s what people must believe-
    Your words,

    -Justin is definitely storing a body they took that day. But if not at his house (I’ve been there quite a bit, there’s nothing there)…where? Did he keep the bigfoot alive when he took the flesh from it as Dr. Ketchum has claimed previously or at least claimed to Tyler when she learned of the discrepancy in results?

    -Justin switched samples to protect himself from prosecution to make himself look like a hoaxer, yet he’s become more involved in research and has maintained the events happened as he always has, along with his partner.

    -Justin switched samples prior to July 2011 (you keep forgetting Scott that the sample has been out of his custody we tested) before there was ever a mention by anybody of indep testing and he’d bring what he knew was a “bear” sample to show Meldrum and spend three days walking through the event with the search party..”us?”

    -(“your” words summarized) Dr. Ketchum asked Justin to destroy his sample when he wouldn’t relinquish the rest of it to her because she was scared of him testing it and because that Sykes guy could possibly “beat her” if she didn’t do something terribly unethical.

    -Everyone is supposed to believe Justin and partner that they shot two bigfoots, if you don’t, then the paper cannot be legitimate, though we must believe Justin lied about switching samples to protect himself. Funny how “switching samples” was created only when the results on the same tissues were conflicting.

    Our labs tested bear samples supposedly provided by Justin on purpose, though there’s multiple geneticists on the BFF alone right now that have taken much of their time going over the limited data she provided from her paper and are finding parallels with her results on sample 26 and our labs results in addition to none of the three genomes even matching each other? Again that’s based on what’s been provided, no can say what hasn’t provided…therefore no one should be definitively claiming her work is fraudulent, but at the same time, no one should be defending her work or results that don’t technically exist to the external parties who don’t have access to it as you’ve done in article after article.

    Do I even need to go on?

    I’m sorry Scott, you appear to have gotten it wrong, “again,” and I would suggest going back and maybe NOT being advised on what to say next. It’s a lot easier Scott when you directly deal with facts and don’t have to depend on others to help you answer the “hard” questions. Less confusion and miscommunication that way. I would suggest starting over by asking Dr. Ketchum if you can first post the picture from her manuscript of sample 26 and take this fake one off and maybe get a better understanding of the facts of the Sierras story and then you can actually have some thoughts to share with substance.

    1. Bart,

      No one told me to write anything I have written. It is my opinion based on facts and I stand by them. I am no ones "pawn" or "yes man". I support the study because I think the results are valid and the science backs that up. Obviously we have a huge difference of opinion on that matter.

      The study is under a 3rd party independent review and when that comes back we will know.

      The picture that was on this blog was one of my hair samples, was not trying to fake or fool anyone, just put up a picture of a hair sample that I had sent to the study, geese you guys read way to much into everything.

      Bottom line, I trust Melba and you trust Justin, we must agree to disagree. I really don't feel like wasting anymore time writing a rebuttal that will fall on death ears anyway.

    2. Scott, this may come as a surprise to you, but somehow, someway, I hope the labs utilized in the study (I can guarantee it would be through testing process)find something our labs didn't or couldn't.
      You won't get a complaint out of me especially now having filmed multiple subjects there, I'm just not holding my breath (understatement).

      Best of luck in your field research Scott.

  10. Can't the guy just admit he was duped? He would look a lot less stupid if he did.

  11. Bart,
    Why purpose do you gain from attacking Scott here?
    You can go on and on that the sample you claim is the same Melba has.
    By your own Admission you were not in control of the said sample for 4-6 months.
    You have no Idea what was given.
    Also you don't know what kinda of Primers Melba used.
    All your doing is making yourself look like a spoiled Kid.
    Scott is out doing more research than I think people see you doing.
    You do not think you could have been fooled by Justin. So how come you can not accept that Scott and the others believe Melba.
    Sorry stop acting like a cry baby. Produce your own work and deal with your own stuff.
    I am sure eventually what ever is real will be released.

  12. John Preston AKA Cathiee Mcm

    I'm not attacking Scott here as I even complimented his research, I am correcting him on some untruths he's perpetuating either intentionally or maybe even unintentionally but being somewhat careless. And Scott has a right to believe whatever he wants with respect to Melba, but he's not entitled to his own facts going unchallenged, especially when they are accusatory in nature (without any evidence) and based off of wild conspiracy theories.

    If you think I care what some internet male troll who uses a female moniker for a second life game and has absolutely no idea what they're talking about (since the minute you trolled our Sierras site), think again. Mind your own business as Scott is a big boy and likely doesn't need your help to have a discussion he's initiated.

    All we do is produce our own work. However you don't ignore the cancers in this field (those that perpetuate misinfo), you ignore the trolls (you)

  13. Bart,
    Drop the John Crap. See you don't know anything.
    You follow a BLOG that is complete full of lies.
    That shows how sad you are and how much of a small man you are.
    First I was a woman who called you So you acussed me of that. Now you follow a Hate Blog cause your pathetic, when someone says you can not be 100% that Justin gave you the correct sample.
    Yes you have attacked Scott here several times. You are nothing but a childish spoiled kid. You have questioned him basically saying he was told to write these things. basically saying Scott doesn't have a brain of his own, to think and write on his own.
    See you call me a troll when you can't back up your statements or your own doubts of what you have.
    You are a rude man which seems to be typical of you. When someone disagrees with you.

  14. So Bart,
    If you don't really care and I am just a Troll.
    Why did you take the time to respond?

    Oh because you have to try to discredit anyone who you see as a threat. Because they point out the flaws in your Sample.
    Fact: you did not have control of the Sample for 4-6 Months.
    Fact: you can not be 100% sure what happened in those Months. Or what you got.
    You can say you trust Justin but in the end you don't know what you got or how Melba tested her samples.
    But be the raging man you are and be passive aggressive. Typical Male with Issues.