Thursday, March 14, 2013

Dogman Ears and Footprint

I have posted a video showing my encounter with what appears to be a "Dogman". I was investigating a Bigfoot feeding station when I heard something in the thick cover in front of my location. I then began to get the strong feeling I was being watched. I zoomed in and out of the area trying to find who or what was watching me. I did not see the "ears" when I was in the field but upon review I found what appears to be the ears and the top of the head of a possible Dogman. 


About 30 minutes after I record the footage of the ears I discover a footprint approximatley 30 yards from the location where I capture the "Dogman" ears.


  1. Nice job Scott. You never cease to amaze me with your unique gift of capturing the elusive species that surround us unnoticed ! You have a lot of courage to go there again and again , knowing what's there. Looking forward to seeing every video you share . Thanks .

  2. Scott this is awesome. I can not wait to see your footage!

  3. Scott, that was cool! The crackling of the leaves, the music and the unknown truly sets a person's heart to pumping while viewing this video. Can only imagine how yours was on the day you filmed. Enjoy your close-ups and stills, when I saw the one of the nose, I knew I had seen it before. It took a little bit (now I understand about how long it would take to go through all your videos)---I saw it in the Sneering Bigfoot clip.
    As far as the foot print, I was picturing a Dogman walking more on his forefoot (the toes and ball of his foot) just like Werewolf in the Harry Potter movies then actually having a heel imprint. Thank you for another enjoyable evening in the woods. Anxiously awaiting your next post.

  4. Wow. That's amazing!! Full out Dogman!!!! The track find is incredible. Did you cast it Scott? Or was terrain/weather not favorable for casts? Thanks for sharing this my friend. That track you filmed is one of if not the best I've seen.