Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How Massive was The Bigfoot "Patty"

MK Davis post another interesting video about the size of "Patty". I have pulled out some stills for comparison. It is amazing just how massive she really is or was. The body thickness and the arms, wow!


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  1. Interesting comparison ! Roger Patterson's recorded interview in 1972 shortly before he died ( FBFB ) is very interesting too . His descriptions , such as "...It turned a couple of times to look at us . As it turned , it seemed to give me the impression it didn't want anything to do with us ..." When you listen to this as you watch the footage , the character we so often see in videos or hear described by eye witness of bigfoot time after time , screams authenticity . "THE LOOK " it gives affects so many who see it,even the biggest and bravest hunters get unnerved by it ! Thanks again for showing us this Scott .