Thursday, February 7, 2013

Infant Bigfoot or One of The "Little People"

Actual Trail Camera Photo
In 2009 I captured what I contend was an infant Bigfoot. The weather was bad and I was using an old black and white trail camera as an after thought to cover one of my good cameras. My logic was just in case something tried to sneak up behind or beside my good camera I would have this old camera watching. Well as things usually unfold this little guy was under the good cameras PIR sensor but in the line of fire for the old camera. Thus we have a blurry black and white video.

When I posted this video the critics howled it was anything but a Bigfoot but I also begin getting back channel and confidential messages from several people of Native American decent. A couple were from California, one from Texas, Alabama, and a couple more from Tennessee. They all basically said the same thing. This was one of the "Little People". I was new to the Bigfoot world and the study of Cryptids so I had no clue what they meant. 

Some quick research on my part revealed that Native Americans have long reported a race of small people about 3 to 4 feet tall living in the forest. They are generally considered pranksters and protectors of the wild life. Some are reported to be human in appearance just small while others are reported to look like "Mini" Bigfoot. 

Is this what I captured that day? A little person? Here are some links to some interesting stories about the little people via Bobby Short's site Bigfoot Encounters.

The Menehune

 The Enukins 
 The Puk-Wud-Jies

The Little People


  1. Fascinating! I've been curious about them ever since I read one of the Lewis and Clark diaries and learned that they made a side trip to examine a mound that the Indians told them belonged to the little people. It's really amazing, how much we don't know. grammy

  2. I really enjoyed all of the articles and especially the last one called "The Little People". I guess Colorado has more than BigFoot also! It makes me think about how many species are really out there in the forest and no one know about them.

  3. Awesome footage Scott! im always amazed at the images you share with us. Thanks!