Monday, February 4, 2013

Bigfoot Hair Sample?

I collected this red to reddish brown hair from my public land research area. The trap was placed where I feed them, 8 feet in a tree below the notch where I put the apples. The hair was collected late January, 2013. Is it Bigfoot hair??


  1. Unfortunatly,as of this date,I've not had any hair samples. But watching your video and looking at the pics, it looks like the big guys. I've been told or read many times it reeks,more often than not. Be sure to let us know! Take care out there my friend,

  2. I like your videos as you go back and show the gathering of the hair and the height of the tape on the trees. They must love apples as so many researchers put them out. I believe you have a lot of BigFoot Hair. I hope the DNA reveal comes out this month.